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Artist of the Week: Headset(Hip Hop).


There is so little to say about Headset. Here is the official bio for the band on iTunes:

The brainchild of producer, DJ, and Plug Research label owner Allen Avanessian, the loose project Headset went from dreams to reality when Avanessian was contacted by ~scape label head Stefan Betke. Betke's request for a track for a compilation prompted Avanessian to call Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel, Figurine, and the Postal Service. Avanessian laid out his idea of rounding up producers and MCs in the same manner 4AD label owner Ivo Watts-Russell had rounded up musicians for This Mortal Coil. Like Watts-Russell's project, the members of Headset would share an aesthetic. Possible collaborators had to be future-minded and embrace electronics. John Tejada, Daedelus, Thomas Fehlmann, Beans, and Shadow Huntaz fit the bill and were soon involved. Combining cutting-edge electronica with envelope-pushing hip-hop, Headset made its debut in 2001, with the track "Dustmite" appearing on ~scape's Staedtizism 2 compilation. Three years later the full-length Spacesettings appeared on Plug Research in North America and ~scape in Europe. ~ David Jeffries

Plug Research's label is extremely small, having less than two dozen people signed to it. It has had two very notable member emerge from it. dj and rapper Flying Lotus who has done much of adult swim's bump music, as well as recently received a grammy nomination for producing Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly. Dntel is also worth mentioning as half of The Postal Service, a band I covered not long ago.

Headset only released one album, Spacesettings, which is a somewhat interesting hip hop / idm mix album. It lives up to it's title as it's certainly got a bit of a spacey feel to it.

While it's not remotely unusual for an artists album to be posted on youtube, it's interesting that the entire spacesettings album is hosted on the plugresearch youtube channel. You can support the music if you like it by buying it from itunes, but it's cool that they put the whole thing up on youtube.

iTunes has a 2015 EP titled "Another Season" listed under their band, but I have a feeling that is some weird mistake. It's a COMPLETELY different genre, folk rock. The EP is also not listed on the official Plug Research website. Seeing as the band was helmed by the head of plug research I have serious doubts that there would be that sort of an oversight. There have been other bands under the moniker Headset so it's an easy sort of error to make

Here is a link to the entire Spacesettings album playlist on youtube:





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