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31 Days: Day 17 - Haunted House


Hello all and welcome to Day 17 of 31 Days. Today’s Song is rather old and one that isn’t mentioned much. To add to that I wonder if many people actually remember it regularly. Today’s Song is:

Haunted House: Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was actually the 2nd Mario game I ever owned and it’s still one of my favorite games even to this day. That said I only ever had one problem with the game when I was a kid. The Haunted House actually spooked me a bit. Perhaps it was the frantic pace of the xylophone, or the low guttural noises. Whatever it may have been that piano didn’t help me one bit


I don’t know what was with Nintendo and scaring children shitless. All I can say now is that I actually want to see more of this, however It seems that this brand of terror is in rather short supply. Taking a look at it now I feel that part of what makes Haunted house so scary is the way it just contrasts with everything. One minute your busting thwamps and the next you running around in a haunted mansion with man eating furniture, boo’s, a merry go round of doom, and hidden pathways.

Now at the time I was spending the summer at my grandparents and had limited things to do, so I decided to get all 120 stars and see what I would get for my troubles, which included this level. I tried my hardest to find everything I possibly could about the level to finish it and be done with the level. Sadly at the time I wasn’t aware of the 100 coin stars so I had to venture back there again and collect my 100 coins. All the while my creep factor is bugging out in broad daylight. I finished the level and never went back again, until my sister got super Mario 64 DS. By then I didn’t care, I actually ended up liking the level for some of it’s more thoughtful elements such as the secret rooms and use of the vanish cap. I kind of wish there were more of these type of levels in Mario games, but alas I’ll have to make do with Shifty Boo Mansion.

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