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The Suffering 3: My Bank Account


This week begins the period that my bank account has been referring to as "oh shit" time. With the release of BioShock on Tuesday, I begin an uncontrollable spending spree on games that probably won't stop until February or March. When I started to think about the actual amount of money I'm going to be spending on games, I wondered what organs I'm going to have to sell on the black market to pay off the game characters lining up for my money.

Lets see how much I'll be spending by taking each game's price, and adding in my reasonable local sales tax of 9% (9%? Where does all of this money go? I still have a huge ass pothole in front of my house).

8/21 BioShock - $49.99 (Circuit City $10 off first day) + ST = $54.49

8/27 Metroid Prime 3 - $49.99 + ST = $54.49

9/17 Eternal Sonata - $59.99 + ST = $65.39

9/25 Halo 3 - $69.99 (Limited Edition pawn must have LE) + ST = $76.29

10/9 Half Life: Orange Box - $59.99 + ST = $65.39

10/15 Beautiful Katamari - $39.99 (Thank God it's cheaper) + ST = $43.59

11/1 Mass Effect - $59.99 + ST = $65.39

11/5 Call of Duty 4 - $59.99 + ST = $65.39

11/12 Super Mario Galaxy - $49.99 + ST = $54.49

11/13 Assassin's Creed - $59.99 + ST = $65.39

12/3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl - $49.99 + ST = $54.49

So from now until December I'm blowing a grand total of $664.79. This doesn't include my other possible purchases of Jericho, Blue Dragon, the Simpsons Game, and those coming early next year, DMC4, Lost Odyssey, Left 4 Dead (Zombies... drool...), and Condemned 2 (I have such a boner for this game).

With so many great games coming out, I'm left wondering how I'm going to play them all. Somehow, I think that I'll find a way. Every time that my bank account whimpers, I remind it that we could be back in early 2007 and have no Wii or 360 games that are holding our interest. The bank account then kindly reminds me that it doesn't get to play the games. Touche, bank account.

Now based on my (very) limited research, a kidney can net me about $5,000 on the black market. I'm pretty sure that I can live with only one kidney, so who's up for funding my holiday season? With that kind of cash, I can buy the games I want and still get my family Christmas presents.

Update 1: I have been informed by dvddesign (who shall herefore be known as a "super genius") that I can get the whole lot for $538 had I pre-ordered most of them or gotten in on special deals (See his comment below for more details on how to do that). That's way better than $664. In other news, my bank account is still bitching. Thanks, dvddesign.
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