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RUMOR: The Real Reason GTA4 was Delayed; 360 is a bad mother.


Rumor Reporter has posted a rumor from an anonymous tipster detailing the alleged REAL reason why the game has been delayed until next year. From the report:

Take 2 told their shareholders that they�d have GTAIV out in 2007 so that they�d get more money from said shareholders. No investor wants to hear that the big money-maker is coming out in 2008 � especially when it�s obvious that the company is in financial trouble in 2007. The plan was always to release the game in 2008, not 2007. In fact, I would not be surprised if the game actually ships next fall.

Okay, so, let's just assume that they actually did run into development problems. Surely that would be Sony's behemoth Playstation's fault, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? Hello? Is this thing on?

The PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV has been in development longer than the 360 version has been, despite Rockstar showing off the �360� version every chance they get to show off the game. GTA IV�s technological �problems� on 360 stem from a couple of things. Unlike last generation where the PS2 did not have a standard hard drive, Rockstar is utilizing hard drive-caching and disc streaming for GTAIV. Assuming that they can actually fit all the content onto a DVD, the disc-streaming isn�t a problem for 360 � it�s the lack of a hard drive being standard.

So, it's Microsoft's fault that the game has been delayed until next year. It's also Microsoft's fault that God cries stinky tears.

As interesting a read as this rumor is, I call bull. The initial claim that Take 2 was in hot water and low on funding, was possible, if not unlikely. However, the write up quickly moves from being unbiased to being very anti-360, saying that the 360 version is the sole reason why both versions would be delayed, which seems a tad bit unbelievable to me.

I'm going to go with what Take 2 and Rockstar have already said: the game needs more time. I can't recall a GTA game ever getting delayed before, usually when they put a date in stone they deliver. To me, this time it just means that they want this game as perfect as possible on both systems, to make it a truly worthwhile experience. Not to mention the over saturation of games coming out this fall season. GTA4 was already a guaranteed buy by me, as will also be Halo 3, Mass Effect, Rock Band (full version mind you), and God knows just how little I get paid to begin with.

I'll gladly take a 6-8 month bump in order to get a much more solid and complete game. My wallet thanks you for that Take 2.

What do you guys think? DISCUSS! TALK AMONGST YRSELVES!

[Via Rumor Reporter]
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