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I am totally exctited for the next generation


Okay first que the music ;D

What to say... I don't know. I really love the devices of this generation and I think out of any generation I have seen more and more of a reason to pass the main consoles and just get the mobile versions.

Can you see that? Oh yeah baby!

I freaking love my PSTV it’s tiny as hell and takes up no space. Pretty much would have never upgraded from that except that Sony sucks at taking advantage of their hardware and thus I constantly have to deal with White lists... Lack of support... and just silliness.

For what the Wii U is I have enjoyed it, though it is constantly getting the shorter stick the thing is a beast and does a really good job of fixing my digital scaling image problem I had to deal with the Wii so for the most part I do enjoy it, but probably for the wrong reasons.

But that is why I am totally pumped for the next generation: The NX and whatever Sony and Microsoft decide what is going to be next gen.

I have a really good feeling about the NX. Even though I literally have no reason to. We really don't know what hardware is in the thing. We really don't know if it will have traditional interface. We really have no clue what it will support. But we do know that it has kind of managed to keep the their party PR machines happy for now.

I think the NX will be a portable.

Which is a departure from my other predictions, but I think that Nintendo is a player. . If you read my blog about operation rainfall you know that Nintendo can and does play with consumers. But I have really been thinking about the NX and what it has to do. Obviously the 3DS is old, not out but defiantly in the GBA status right as the DS started.

Simply I think they have gotten a lot smarter with their marketing and with the way the 3DS took steam it probably a lot smarter to get consumers focused on a mobile unit at first. As much as I look back to the Sega Genesis... Sega was able to make attachments for that system to really push it farther than even the prototype SNES CD unit could even keep up with. Though ultimately it was their inability to really pre-plan hardware expansion more effectively and kept them limited by a sub-par graphic chip connected to various processors that were phenomenal.

But I think what would be the perfect way to miss-direct their audience and it them really hard so they cannot simply move on.

I think that the NX will initially launch as a mobile unit that will provide the singular experience that we all know from DS, 3DS, and Wii U tablet. Mobility generally means singularity.

Then 1-2 years later Nintendo releases a home unit that interfaces with the mobile NX unit. (Expansion hub or wirelessly) Which not only increases the unit power but also allows 4 people to enjoy the unit instead of the singular experience.

So they still get the whole hybrid thing with the home experince being completely optional. But what that could do is get the developers thinking small enough from the get go that later on they are not quite so uppity to skip the home console because they would be developing the game for both platforms without being able to pick.

I seriously think the day and age of wireless hardware has come. In that our wireless speeds are so fast that if we had a graphics card in the same room as a mobile PC that can recognize it and communicate with it that mobile computer could more than double its power. Though I think that is the current problem with our computers, is that our phones should not be an extension of our PC but the other way around. I know Windows and OSX are now based off of their mobile OS but I want that integration to go deeper to the hardware. Set you phone down next to your PC and pick up right where you left off without having to go through a bunch of cables, menus, and options. That in my mind is the next generation.

So with this modular wireless design I think Nintendo could indefinably compete with whatever Microsoft or Sony throws at them. As even my 2010 i3 still can run most games on low at 720P... That pretty much proves any tech from today can provide that for pretty cheap... now. Keeping things modular is great cause you can double the power without having to double the power it takes to run things, and vise versa.

Though I think it probably would be for the best that the mobile unit has an easy charge feature like the 3DS cradle.

But yeah it would be all too easy for them to pull some next gen thinking and make a product that runs around the barriors of today. Of coarse that makes me excited to see what Sony or Microsoft does to retaliate. This could easily be the most bloody next generation.

When companies compete hard, consumers win.

So I am super excited.


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