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European folk/Non-European folk who happen to be in Europe, heed my call!

Right chaps and chapesses, as some of you may know there's the small matter of the Leipzig Games Convention going on in Germany next week. It promises to be no less than an orgiastic whirlwind of gaming excess (Seriously. it's the same size as the Tokyo Game Show this year, only with more bratwurst), and I shall be heading over there to play, meet, drink, and schmooze for the whole five day run of its glory.

It's importantly open to the public as well, and tickets don't cost too much at all, so with this in mind I was wondering if any of you guys are going/thinking of going/know you should be going but need a blog of encouragement from a stylish and debonair Destructoid writer to convince you. If any of the above apply, make yourselves known here and the finest of fine times will be had.
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