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Destructoid LA Family Heads to TOFU!


So this weekend a few of us are going out to Little Tokyo for the annual Los Angeles Tofu Festival! I'm not a huge fan of tofu, but just the fact that it's a whole festival just about tofu makes me want to go see. Also, apparently there is tofu in forms you can't even imagine! It's like a magical tofu-land! Okay... I might be getting a little tofu-crazy. But anyway, we have a strong army of 4 going out, Colette, mid3vol, -Blank-, and I. Then right after TofuFest comes Penny Arcade Expo! This week is going to be lots of fun! I'll be sure to update with photos from TofuFest!

If you're in the LA area shoot me an e-mail([email protected]) and join us! It's only $3 to get in!
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