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RESIDENT EVIL 7!...Might be really stupid.

Since new RE7 info's coming very soon, now's a good time to catch up on the things I've noticed that, of course, I haven't seen most folks bring up yet.
We begin with my initial impressions! An overall gleeful experience since I joked around a plenty...Especially when I couldn't figure out how to open my tequila bottle.
However, the inklings of issues within the game were first noticed...
Then, after replaying the demo a few times,...I came to a realization...My claims are clarified. Watch at your own risk if you're excited for Resident Evil 7.
This video's full title is "Resident Evil 7's Demo Is Worse Than RE6, Umbrella Corps, & 5. No. It's Not For Click Bait." I back up what I say. You've been warned.
Lastly, a bit of ribbing, but....it's true.
The few bits of info of RE7 we've recieved haven't altered my opinion much. I'm anxious for more footage to be revealed because 1rst person, no zombies, one big homage to other horror medias, regardless of what Resident Evil 7 is or is not, I just want it to be good.
This came in immediately after I posted this.
Now this actually looks really really good....I said that about the reveal trailer.
I'll be back once I see more gameplay, but the dinner scene is better than I anticipated.
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