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I've got quite the back catalog to share here on Destructoid. DO I LIKE IT, is my series of not full reviews, but quick overviews and impressions of a game. Think of it like if you ever shot the breeze with the counter jockey at a game store. What's this game like? How'd you like it? Of course, in video, it's a one sided conversation, but that's what the comments section is for.

I'll begin with everyone's FAVORITE Metroid game, Federation Force.

Now since I'm behind sharing these with Destructoid, I'll include the playlist begining with perhaps something more relavent and popular.


Let me know what you thought of Federation Force, what you thought of Battlefield 1's or Titanfall 2's beta, or if the Kickstarter darlings, Bloodstained and Mighty No. 9 were to your liking?....I can probably guess how you'll feel about Mighty No. 9...They still haven't patched the game have they?.....Have they?

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