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Bioshock/Better Looking Katamari Demo Super Mini Reviews

Bioshock: Owned my ass. I really suck at this game, more then I usually do at others. The Old Lady Shadow thing around the corner thing freaked me out when I first saw it. At first was thinking "Awwwww... do I really have to kill her?" but a few seconds later I was in the "Kill or be Killed, Rummage for what you can get" mindset the game tries and puts you in. Protip #1: Crouching into open spaces attempting to find a hiding spot in rooms with only flying machine gun enemies doesn't work out very well. The demo was actually way better then I expected though. It looked amazing and played well (The only glitch I got was a wrench that floated then freaked out and flew around flipping over and over and crap) I spent a little while trying to figure out what was with the respawn tubes (Vita-Something-or-others) and before I could figure it out on my own that I couldn't use them yet the game felt bad for me and spoiled my fun, I did spend some time hitting one with a wrench though... it really didn't do anything at all except mess the glass up a bit. Protip #2: Don't try and hack the Flying Gunners with only a sliver of health and a vague understanding of what to. Once you get what has to happen with the hacking and build a strategy to beat it those Flying Gunners become a valuable ally in your fight against Splicers.

My Idea for Hacking it:
Step #1: Press X to begin hacking
Step #2: Rearrange some pipes or something
Step #3: ???
Step #4: Profit!! Or death from above to your enemies...


Better Looking than Avarege Katamari: Is just like all of the other Katamari games, only the demo only lasts 3 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love the series, but this demo seemed a lot shorter then I thought it should have been. It starts you with an average sized Katamari (Later levels when you are outside, but smaller than humans size) and lets you pick up whatever you want. If you are quick about it, they leave you some huge items to play around with. I never really explored the level much (as I only played it once and extremely underestimated what "3 minutes" meant) but did find the best scene/area ever. It's those guards in England who wear the tall hats and are often bothered by tourists as (the people) aren't supposed to move at all. They were running around like the sky was falling, supposedly guarding a mansion... only the mansion was filled with GIANT cows... only in a Katamari game. I've only played the first one in the series (a while back) so I was a bit rusty with the controls. But about 10 second of playtime and it all came back to me. One thing I realized is the dramatic differences between BioShock and Katamari (not counting gameplay/genre). I realized Katamari doesn't have any "real" enemies as compared to Bioshock's everyone is trying to kill you mentality. This is a relaxing fresh breath of air in the gaming world. I have to pick up this demo again real soon, as all it is is quick, clean, relaxing, fun.

OMFG I posted about something that matters on this site?!
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