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My Thoughts on the PS Vita


You may remember me buying a PS vita a few weeks ago increasing the PS vita owner count to 69. I know its late giving thoughts for a device that is 5 years old and left for dead by its own creators but it's nice giving my thoughts on it but who knows maybe you're on a fence about buying this and this might help your choice.

Despite lack of first party games it still has surprising good selection of games... if you like indie and Japanese games

Now let get this question out of the way. I don't hate indie or Japanese games but there are people who don't care for these kinds of games. Like my brother who stormed out of my room while playing on my PS4 because he heard Teddie's voice in Persona 4 (A great game BTW). But then again he was playing Fallout 4 so joke on him for his taste of games. The Japanese and indie developers are the only ones still making games for the PS Vita. There is some western game for it but some of those are ports or collections of PS2 games. Also there is PS1 classics and PSP games you can play on it.

Games tried
Persona 4
Killzone Mercenary
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Don't Starve

It feels nice to hold

Design wise it's the same as the PSP but it has touch screen in both the front and back of it. It has two small gaps in back to place your fingers while not using the back touch screen. Also it has a second analog stick making it way better than the PSP.

It can play PSP games better... but digital only

With the PS vita you can assign buttons to the right stick so you change a game that uses dpad to control the camera (Monster Hunter) and assign them into the right stick giving more control on the camera. Also I swear the games load faster too. Sadly the system can only play games on the PS Store since it doesn't support UMDs so it misses out on a few gems like Final Fantasy Crisis Core. But hey at least you won't hear the awful sounds the UMD makes.

Games tried
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Half-Minute Hero
GTA: Liberty City Stories
GTA: Vice City Stories
GTA: Chinatown Wars
Street Fighter: Alpha 3 Max
Sega Mega Drive Collection
The Warriors

It's a great PS1 emulator

The PS Vita plays PS1 games perfectly. You can use the back touch screen for L2 and R2 and more. Also the PS vita creates a new memory card each game so you don't have worry about space like in the old days. It feels great playing Crash Bandicoot 2 on the bus.

Games tried
Crash Bandicoot 2
Crash Bandicoot 3
Crash Team Racing
Spyro 2
Suikoden 2

Cross buy already gives you a PS Vita library

If you buy certain PS1 classics or downloadable games on the PS3 or PS4 you may already have a bunch of games on the PS Vita even without owning one. It felt nice playing games on the Vita without paying twice. My personal favourite is Spelunky so maybe I can finally finish the game while on the bus. (I own the game for more than a year and still haven't beaten it.)

The PS Vita memory cards are really expensive I mean REALLY EXPENSIVE.


That small thing in the image is worth more than £53 on Amazon. Is it made out of gold in the inside and handcrafted by god himself? 5 years since launch and the price still didn't go down. If you're going full digital you'll need a good sized memory card and they get more expensive as they get larger. It didn't help at launch the PS Vita cost €250 + memory card before it was released the 3DS had a price drop from €250 to €170 making the 3DS a more popular choice. I really do believe it was a main driving force to cause the Vita to fail sadly.


Even with its high price point I still think the PS Vita was worth buying. I having a lot of use for it and playing it on the bus is a great timewaster. I had great fun playing Vita games but I think I only scratch the surface of the games to play on the Vita. If you got any recommendations for any newcomers of a Vita go ahead and post it in the comments. Hell even writing this blog I'm playing the PS Vita.

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