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Who wants a Wii when you can have a modded GameCube?

Sure, there are people out there still looking for a Wii (even one who bought games for it before having the system) and some who are trying to sell their Wii but that doesn't mean the GameCube is dead. It is NOT! I am telling you, I mean you got....well you can buy...fricking Resident Evil 4 debutted on this system and you can use the chainsaw controller! You can also pick up the first two Metroid Prime's for a very good price if you can find them. So there are many-a reasons to owning a GameCube. Want another one? Here..

This beast is being offered on eBay and part of the proceeds will go to Child's Play. Auction starts at $60.00 in Aussie dollars and there are 9 Days and about 17 hours left till it is game over. It is for a good cause people!

If it was a Metroid (Prime) one, I probably would jump at it.

eBay Auction found here
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