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EVERYBODY PANIC! Ver 3.0 + Mega Man 4

Itís time for another installment of EVERYBODY PANIC! (you can refer to it by whatever title you please). First Iíll quickly recap all the games Iíve played recently, then go a bit deeper and do one of my pseudo-reviews of a game from one of my favorite franchises, Mega Man 4 for the NES.

So, you might ask ďMike, if you really play video games, what have you been playing all week?Ē. Well, let me tell you!. I put Odin Sphere on the backburner for now. I share my big TV (which has the 360 and PS3 hooked up) with my roommate, and I havenít gotten much chance to play it lately. I originally didnít like the game much, but I finally started getting used to the game mechanics and am enjoying the title much more now. However, Iíd like to play the whole thing through at once, so Iím going to shelf it until I can get a good couple days alone.

I tried to get my Duck Tales on, but I canít seem to get anywhere in that game.

Working on Battletoads, but as there are no saves, and limited continues, it might take me a while to get through. I remember this game from when I was a kid and it was (at the risk of sounding repetitive) one of my favorite franchises. I donít know what it was about the game that I loved so much (maybe 2 player co-op, and all that goofiness?), but it appears it has stood the test of time. Also, I finally made it past the speeder level (something I could not do as a kid). If youíre bored you should bust out the Battletoads, good times to be had for sure.

I picked up a boxed copy of Super C, so naturally I had to blow through the game. What is it about classic Contra games that kicks so much ass? I love it! Not much has changed since Contra, so if you liked the first installment, this is definitely something to check out. Action-Arcade-Alien-Platform-Shooter fun at itís finest.

Well thatís about it for me this week. I picked up a lot of good NES games over the past couple weeks, so I have been trying to get through a few of them. Eventually Iíll get back to some more modern games, and maybe even some SNES or Genesis (I have no TG16 games :( ) Now, since I just wrote a nice big wall of text, Iíll try to keep the Mega Man review short.

Mega Man 4

The year is 200X, years after the events of Mega Man 3, when Dr. Wily was defeated. Dr. Light recieves a message from Russian scientist Dr. Cossack, saying he was gonna own the cityís face with his robots. PEW PEW! Of course Dr. Light canít let that happen so he calls in Mega Man once again.

There are a lot of things that MM4 shares with itís predecessor (MM3). You start off at the main screen, with 8 different robots to choose from (8 different levels). Bright Man, Pharoah Man, Drill Man, Ring Man, Toad Man, Dust Man, Dive Man and Skull Man. While there were a few challenges, I found that the overall difficulty was slightly lower than MM3. Some of the fights (see: Light Man, Toad Man) are extremely simple, and I was able to do a couple levels on my first try.

One of the major changes that comes with MM4 is the ĎMega Busterí which gives you the ability to Ďpower upí your shots. As far as I know, this has become standard in ensuing games. It seems like a fairly simple addition, but it really affects the gameplay a lot. Unfortunately it did make some fights even easier. I also noticed that bosses do not seem to have the Ďrock-paper-scissorsí weaknesses like in MM3. I barely got to use my suits that I stole from the bosses.

Visually, the game looks great. There hasnít really been an improvement since MM3, but you have to admit, that game had some slick visuals for an NES game. Once again though, when there is too much on the screen (which isnít uncommon), there is noticeable slowdown.

The interface for swicthing your suits is one thing that has been greatly improved with this installment of the series. When you pause the game, there is now a full screen menu to select which suit you want to equip. Make your choice, and hit the Start button to continue through the level.

Another neat thing that was done in MM4 was the addition of environmental effects. Hard rain that pushes you back (makes platform jumping tough), a snow level (run slowly though deep snow, icy sections), and even a level that scrolls automatically that you need to keep up with. These things add an interesting twist, and add a little bit of challenge to these specific levels.

Now before you read any more, there are spoilers ahead. Since this game is like 20 years old, you have no right to get mad at me for ruining anything. After you finish the first 8 bosses, you unlock the ĎDr. Chaosí (Dr. Cossack) castle. With 4 new levels and fun bosses to go along with each, you make your way towards Dr. Chaos. Get to the end, fight him, and guess what? Dr Chaos was just under the influence of none other than Dr. Wily! (WTF? Thanks Proto Man!) Well we all though Wily was dead but apparently not. Heís back and heís just as disgruntled as ever. Now you get to do ANOTHER castle. (only 2 more levels this time). Get through, kill all 8 original bosses AGAIN (consecutively). Each kill yields a large energy pickup. Finally! Itís on like Donkey Kong, bitch! So go kill Wily, and then SURPRISE! You get to go to the final, final, final boss! Now currently my NES is at home, turned on, and at this very point in the game. If this is not the final boss I may just shut the fucking thing off and shelf the game for all eternity.

Finally, I preferred the MM3 music, but this soundtrack was ok. That is all.

Oh, and your password saves won't save your energy tanks anymore.

My Final Note: Good sequel to a truly amazing game. Many improvements over MM3, but felt slightly (only slightly) too easy.
My Final Verdict: Must Play

If youíre smart you skipped all that and are just going to read the conslusion, so here it is: I play a lot of NES, and Battletoads, Super C, and Mega Man 4 all kick major ass. MM4 is like MM3, with different music, different levels, a little easier, and an annoying sequence of Ďsurprisesí near the end. Anyone out there into the original Mega Man series as me? Has there been any worthwhile Mega Man games in the past 5 years? Let me know, I would love to check them out!

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