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Artist of the Day 8/7/2016: Deee-Lite. Space Channel 5 lawsuit?


The house-pop band Deee Lite was formed in the mid to early 80s under the name Lady Miss Kier and Super Dj Dmitry. Once Towa Tei joined the band officially became Deee-lite. One thing interesting about Deee-lite is their cultural homelands. Dmitry had emigrated from the USSR to the US, Kier was born in Ohio, and Towa Tei was from Japan. Truely an ecelectic bunch. Eventually the band added another member Dj Ani who was the main Dj on the majority of their third album once Towa Tei left. The band eventually broke out and was mostly known during the 90s having a string of #1 hits in their genre. 

Groove is in the Heart is the song that broke the band out to the public and it features both Bootsy Collins of Parliament and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest! It's a pretty good song to play at a party.

Sega asked Deee-lite to use "Groove is in the Heart" in Space Channel 5 advertisements. Kier declined and then things got interesting. Kier actually felt that Ulala was an infringement on her character Lady Miss Kier as it featured many similaries in mannerisms and style. Due to this Kier decided to sue Sega. It turns out that among the many issues with the attempted lawsuit, Ulala had been created 2 years before contacting Deee-lite, and the creators had never heard of the group. Ultimately Kier lost the lawsuit and actually had to pay Sega $600k. You can read the whole story here.


Today in 1990 Deee Lite released their debut album, World Clique. Here you can listen to a playlist of each track in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYq4mulzA0CEo0Z1HhnwWfqIUgVjsaSNt



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