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Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Those Wild Wild WildTOID Days


I love those summer dtoid days where the sun sets on the giant robot we all live on and if you listen closely you can hear Gremlin D. Va screaming as she is put to bed. Those days where your computer idles at 35 because it's hot as hell in your room no matter how much air you move through it. Summer also means the FNF crowd thins out a bit as work and vacations take over for a few months. Still this is my last week where I will have to miss FNF then next week I'm back in rotation to begging people to play Rocket League with me. Speaking of Rocket League have you checked out communicord? It's a chat room where you can kubitz and mingle with the other degenerates of this site and Nekro too! Follow this link to join!

Recently I've been catching up on the "games you absolutely have to play dude" list and finished Dark Souls and Undertale one after another. While I'd like to do a more concentrated blog on both singling out certain aspects of both I'll offer a post-mortem here for both as I generally enjoyed my time with the games as to be expected.

Dark Souls as if anyone could have guessed was an amazing experience, especially the first 2/3 of the game. Unfortunately though I think after getting the [redacted major quest item] the game kinda suffered from pacing problems where you were able to do things in any order that you liked and that tight environmental storytelling was weakened because of it. Although I am stickler for pacing when it comes to everything, there is no one way to do it right but for me it can be easily screwed up, and up until that point the pacing was perfect. Bosses were sporadic in difficulty and the down parts were just as interesting as the up parts. After the point in question everything just kinda felt like a chore and the ultimate goal was kinda lost on me despite it finally being revealed. Still Dark Souls is one of the pinnacles of modern storytelling in games because it's subtle with its information and more games need that. It's a shame though that the most everyone took away from the game was that "games need to be harder, lel git gud" because that's not all of what made Dark Souls great. If I have to refight a boss 20 times while listening to the same tropey exposition from the boss each time I'm not going to enjoy it as much as a somber almost silent battle with a single enemy. It's funny but now thinking about it I wanna go back and play it right now while maintaining through my entire playthrough that I probably wouldn't go back for a NG+.

Undertale on the other hand was a whole different kind of monster (eh? eh? No? You people wouldn't know comedy if it hit you over the head.) I enjoyed my time with it and again it offered a new way to tell stories in games. The act button was a great addition and allowed some great depth to be put into the enemies. It was also generally pretty funny. Once again pacing plays a lot into this but I think I'd rather expand on this in a full blog because Undertale did it exceptionally well. The roller coaster ride of emotions is comparable to In Bruges for how much it brings you up and down, and it's not even cheap in it's use of emotions. You come to genuinely care for the characters and world, unless you are a heartless monster evil person. I can't really discuss much here as I think for those who have not played it yet it wouldn't be fair to spoil it with my thoughts but I enjoyed it for some of the eyes it could open in the general gaming public. That not every enemy needs to be a nameless target, your enemies can have souls and that adds a bit of depth to storytelling. Also the blending of RPG and Shmup elements was great.

And Rocket League is still awesome just in case any of you were worried I had lost my love of it.

-Amna Umen

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