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Artist of the Day 8/2/2016: Rotary Downs. 1-800-555-Orleans


There is very little info out there about Rotary Downs, an indie band out of New Orleans. Rotary downs was formed in 2002 between two guitarists Chris Colombo, who also played steel pedal, and James Marler. In 2004 they finally added a drummer, Zack Smith, and a bassist, Jason Rhein. They've had handful other other members in and out to play various instruments,with trumpet being a fairly consistent contribution to the bands sound, no surprise given their origin of New Orleans.

If I had to describe the bands sound I'd say they started as a fairly standard indie band in the vein of Wilco or Pavement, with a twist of some creative jazzy guitar and a trumpet. Since then they've worked to carve out a more distinct sound. Even early on the usage of jazz trumpet and steel pedal does give them a somewhat interesting take on the indie alt rock sound.



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