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Artist of the Day 8/1/2016: Chromeo: Jewish & Arab making sweet sweet love


Decided I'll try and do a few AoTDs as one off since I'm posting so much music in each one and it seems to be confusing when I do two artists instead of one.

Today's artist of the day is a little electro pop group by the name of Chromeo. I came accross them back in 2004 when I heard "Needy Girl" on a suggestion from a friend. The track was so damn catchy I couldn't stop listening to it.

Don't try and tell me that guitar riff ain't on point.

Chromeo was formed by in Montreal in 2002 as a collaboration between David "Dave 1" Macklovitch and Patrick "P-Thuggg" Gemayel, though the two had actually been working together since the mid nineties when they were as young as 15 years old.

While there isn't a whole lot of info out there about the band, as they haven't exactly been runaway success stories, an interesting bit of info is that the lead singer, Dave 1, is actually the older brother of renowned DJ A-trak. A-trak has won many awards including winning DMC DJ competition at the age of 15. A-trak has worked with such artists as Jay-Z, The Roots, Danny Brown, and was Kanye's tour DJ in 2004.

While Chromeo are hardly a genre busting music leader, they are full of ear worms and I still regularly listen to She's In Control. Also it doesn't hurt that Dave 1 is hot.

Gotta appreciate this obviously self aware "Money for Nothing" inspired music video. They've actually got some pretty great music videos overall.


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