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MGS (is) / (is not) coming for the 360, and other adventures of video game releases

Sometimes it seems like every day brings a new journalist / blogger / rabid-fan with some new information that 100% PROVES that Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the Xbox 360. Of course every time someone in the know gets put on record, the answer comes around to something like, "No, MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive, has always been a PS3 exclusive, and will always be a PS3 exclusive."

"But there was a trailer without the PS3 logo on it!"

"Still exclusive."

"But all the other MGS games have eventually gone multi-platform!"

"Still exclusive."

"But really, really, REALLT want it on the 360? Please? Please? Puh-LEEEEZE?"

"Still exclusive. And stop whining. It makes you look bad."

Okay, let's all face facts. Regardless of evidence in favour of, or on-the-record comments to the contrary, odds are pretty good that, at some point, MGS4 is going to arrive on the Xbox 360. It just makes good business sense. and it's the sort of good-business-sense decision that they've made before.

But more important is this: Until you know for sure, for God's sake, stop talking about it. Nobody cares, and it's not going to change a single thing. If it's coming for the Xbox 360, then it's coming for the Xbox 360, and it'll show up when it's done, and when Kojima Productions decides it's time to milk the industry for a few more dollars. Arguing over whether it's ever going to arrive on the 360 or not is not going to make its arrival any more certain, and is not going to make it arrive any faster. It's just a bunch of hot air taking up space on the 'Net.

And admittedly, there's no shortage of that. But come on, we don't need to add to it, do we?

Mind you, this isn't as far as this problem goes. The whole game of multi-platform release chess is actually a bit of a headache. The game is exclusive, until it's not, but we're not going to tell you it's not until the point that it's most beneficial for our company, like maybe at E3, and if you get some information before then, and you try to leak it, we'll deny it of course, even if we know it's true, because of course we know it's true, but obviously we can't tell you that NOW, because it's not at the most financially beneficial point for our company.

And yet...every time there's a slip, ever time a a company rep says the wrong thing, or says the right thing the wrong way, or whatever, everyone is all over. It's quoted here there and everywhere, even though we all know there'll be a retraction put out within 24 hours. Even though we should all realize by now that no one will officially fess up to the truth until the date that will most benefit their shareholders.

And really, there's nothing wrong with that. It's all part of the business game. It's part of marketing. It's what certain people get paid to do.

And I know it's exciting to "break" a story and all, but it's not really "breaking" unless someone is actually going on the record with it.

And until then...until you have the official word, and can really "BREAK" the story...please, just stop talking about it. Okay? Seriously.

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