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Artists of the Day 7/30/16: Whitesnake & Poison. Headbands and Hairspray


If there is one lesson that glam/hair metal taught us it's that the 80s were an extraordinarily ugly decade.

Contrary to the look most people associate with heavy metal, black leather and spikes, hair metal embraces the Vegas look of glitter and glitz.


Whitesnake was formed by a member of Deep Purple, a band that along with Black Sabbath could be considered the first heavy metal band. Whitesnake formed in 1978 and is one of the first glam rock leaders as well as one of the most succesful with several of their albums going multiplatinum. Their 8th album, Whitesnake, is their best selling album to date with an 8x platinum rating. To say that the band has had a varied lineup would be a bit of an understatement. The amount of people who have been in and out of Whitesnake is so large that it has it's own wikipedia entry.

The girl dancing on a car in this video is actually a fairly well known pop culture staple when discussing hair metal music videos. It's been referenced in several things, IIRC it appeared in Beavis and Butthead and has also been parodied on American Dad.

Poison was formed noticeably later than Whitesnake, starting in 1983 and not really breaking out until 1986. They've overall been a huge success with their most successful album being their second entry, Open Up the Sky and Say Ahh!, which went 5x platinum, defying the normal sophmore album slump many bands have. Although Poison had a drop off in the early 90s they had a resurgance in early 2000s. Unlike Whitesnake, Poison has had a surprisingly consistent band lineup for 30 years now. Out of the 4 main members 3 of them have remained the same and though they've had a variety of Guitarists over a few periods the current one has been with the band quite long. Joining in 1985, staying until 1992 and then returning 1997 and is still with the band. That's pretty impressive in my opinion. One of the guitarists that auditioned to join the band back in 1985, before they settled on CC Deville, was a Pre-Guns and Roses Slash. Just a fun little factoid.

One of Poison's biggest hits was featured on The Simpsons:

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