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How DKC3 Brought My Cousin and I Together


Box Art Of The Classic Game

Life has been especially stressful for me lately. I'm currently on the job search while between occupations, suffering from mouth herpes after a Tinder date and anxious about spending $85 dollars of money I barely have on parking at the local community college for the Fall Semester. That's why I'm seriously considering visiting my family in Florida for my birthday later on at the end of August.

(Not to mention it'll be hella lot less awkward for me, considering I can still stack up money to fix up that front bumper dent Shelby the Versa got a while back.)

But what I look forward to most when thinking about coming home is playing video games with my kid cousin "Lulo." It's been a long while since we turned on that jittery Super Nintendo but everytime we do, our hearts become competitive enough to show each other how great we are at bashing baddies with Dixie's hover and Kiddy's roll. We were unstoppable.

Strange enough, the last time I was there earlier this summer, we tried to play the game again when we found out that after so long, the save data was overwritten. That means that all the progress we made in capturing coins, finding Bonus barrels and making King K. Rool's island rise from the depths of the water was lost. Upset, logically, Lulo threw his hands in the air and declared we ought to do something else.

But should he and I have a whole day to ourselves when I return, whether it be this month or Christmas, I would not mind putting us to the challenge of a speed trial of sorts when we have 24 hours to ourselves. After all, this dude right here on "Late Show With Stephen Colbert" almost did it… Why couldn't we?

I happen to have a lot of respect for my younger cousin in the sense that he feels like the brother I almost never had. I mean yeah, technically my half-brother is my older brother, but more often than not, I feel like the middle child between Nelson and Andrea, my younger sister, only a year older than Lulo. I feel like Lulo's bigger brother and I guess the reason why I don't talk to him very often when I'm in California is mainly because I'm still disgusted with who I am to admit any sort of relaxation that he's cousins with a twat like me.

(That goes for other people I respect too, such as my father, my BSA Scoutmaster, my old Film/TV teacher… Just a lot of regret when they trust I'm going to be amazing.)

Anyway, that's another reason why I'd be stoked to go ahead and see my cousin again and play DKC3. Because we don't care about the past or the future when we're playing that game. We just care about the excitement of the here and now when our fingers double-tab those grey and purple buttons. Boy, I cannot wait to feel that type of bliss again.

Until then, Lulo. Until then.

- -.. .-

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