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Artists of the Day 7/19/2016: Dizzy Gillespie & Miles Davis. Jazz hands!


Today's Artists of the Day are two icons of the classic 50s Jazz era music, specifically, icons of the trumpet. Outside of Louis Armstrong, Dizzy and Miles are probably the most well known trumpet players in jazz history.

Dizzy is known heavily for his iconic bent trumpet and his insane ability to puff his cheeks out while he plays:

The man was basically a human bullfrog.

Miles Davis' style was certainly not as complex as Dizzy's, but he made up for it in how it evolved over years as he dealt with his heroin addiction. Many consider "A Kind of Blue" his greatest work ever.

Personally, I find that "Bitches Brew" reminds me a bit of parts of Cowboy Bebop's jazzier tracks.

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