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Turning Japanese: Glasses Are All Scary


So I am just going to post this real quick not many words but many pictures for they are worth a thousand words, and these pictures are living Scientific proof that glasses are scary... 

Its.... scary.....  its a Conspiracy I tell you!

They are all watching... waiting....in secrecy.......in the shadows....hatching evil plans as we speak.....

For when the time is nigh.. they will take over...and rule us alll...

Glasses...are all...scary........

I leave this here as proof so that Future Generations might be ready for the onslaught that Is.... The Glasses......................You Have Been Warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I promised my friends a blog, and promises are to be kept. This isn't going to be much, basically I just needed somewhere to post some stuff I like that I keep finding around the TV shows I watch and the games I play;
So basically I'm just gonna be using my blog for posting images, pics, screenshots of stuff I find interesting or funny to show to my friends.
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