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Gaming Polygamy: A Cry for Help


I've got a problem you guys. I think many of you can relate. I've got an itch that's hard to scratch. An insatiable lust that I just don't know how to shake. You know, when you're playing a game, and you're loving it. You can't put it down, but when you finally do you start to think about it. You think "I love that game, but it just isn't doing it for me right now. I need something new and exciting." You can't commit. So after 25 hours of The Witcher 3 you say you're going to finish it... but you decide to start playing Doom. You justify it by saying it's shorter. "I can get through this campaign much faster than The Witcher 3" you lie to yourself. You get ten hours in and then when your free time comes again you sit. You sit and stare at your PS4, your Wii U, PC, Xbox One. All of them if you're fortunate enough... and you're overwhelmed with choice. 

It's Doom for 15 minutes. No. No I'm bored. Lemme play some games of Rocket League.

Three games later you're scrolling through your library. You click through, sampling each game you think you might want to play. Five minutes here... Ten minutes there. Eh, nothing is doing it for me, but wait! There's that Steam summer sale going on, just maybe something there will tickle my fancy. 

You buy five games for $15.

You install each one, and play each one to see how they run. One doesn't even start. That's cool, you just jump to the next one. Hey, Crypt of the Necrodancer is pretty cool. Thirty minutes later you're regretting spending money on Steam cause you know, you KNOW that those games won't be touched ever again. Tossed to the side like a cheap date. The backlog begins to grow. However, this is more than a backlog issue. Even some folks with a huge backlog settle down with one game and see it through to the end. This is something worse I think. Your sense of fulfillment is never reached and can't be satisfied because you have to play everything. 


I am a gaming polygamist. 


I think this is an issue that hits alot of us, especially in these adult years of gaming. The awareness of time and it's limitations become so apparent that you want to make the most of it. Backlogs grow and you can't play everything. Well, most can't. I certainly will try. It's a curse really. A burden on the mind and a burden on the wallet. I want to play as many games as I can before my time is up, and I want them to be quality experiences, and some of them are! However, I can't help but get distracted by every new game that come ou- OOOH I AM SETSUNA

Don't get me wrong. I'm able to commit to one game at a time, if it isn't one that overwhelms me to think about. I finished Uncharted 4 recently knowing the linear nature of it. But some games just make me dread playing them because there are far too many things to do. The Witcher 3, as I said above, is one such game. It's so massive that it's extremely hard for me to boot up at the moment. I know I will in the future, but it's collecting dust right now. Dragon Age: Inquisition is sharing a similar fate, and I think both of those are amazing games. Fallout 4 is going through the same thing with it's new DLC and upcoming mod support on PS4 (well maybe). I have no clue how I'm going to react to No Man's Sky. 

I mentioned Doom earlier too. I had to sell that one because it simply bored me once I got 20 hours into it. I never finished it, and had absolutely no desire too. I'll get flak for that statement, and I really did enjoy the game. But after that amount of time with it, I got it. I feel like I experience all that I could get from it. I hate that feeling too. Sometimes I'll play a game because friends are playing them at the same time, thinking I want to be a part of it. Destiny did this to me, and while I've poured some good time into that game, it's time I wish I had spent with better games. 

Also with the ease of access to emulators as well, I get my dose of old school games to play stuff I never touched back in the day. 

I digress. I could sit here and list off all of the games I hop around on. Hell, most of them are ones I've already beaten countless times, as opposed to new experiences. It is something that I can't seem to get around though. First world problem? Oh, no doubt about it. There's a weird thankfulness I have for being stressed out for having too many games to play. I call it a curse, but I know there are plenty of people out there that would read this and scream "Quit yer Bitching!" And they aren't wrong. So I need your help Destructoid!

I haven't been a member long, but I feel like I can put my trust in a bunch of strangers. So, for those that read this, I want YOU to pick the game I spend the next month on. I may not finish it, I may not even spend much time with it, but it will be the only game I will challenge myself to play for the next month. If you have this problem too, I encourage you to do the same thing. Have some (trustworthy) friends pick the game for you and commit to it! I need that sense of fulfillment, and I haven't seen credits roll in awhile. So without further ado, here are five of my trouble games that need more loving. I trust you Dtoid. 


1. The Witcher 3


2. Bayonetta 2


3. Bloodborne


4. Undertale


5. Dragon Age: Inquisition


What was just supposed to be a rant on game-hopping is now a call for help! Well, at least for a month. So, for anyone who takes the time to read this (and thank you for doing so!) please comment one of the games I listed. Help a fellow gamer out and force me to put my focus onto one of these games for the next thirty days. I'll post an update blog to show how far I've gotten. Until then I'll be enjoying some rounds of Rocket Dying Light of the Gungeonout 4 OverWatch. 

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