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Virtual Console: Limited only to E-rated games?

I love the Virtual Console. No, really. I do. But lately I've noticed that they have only released E-rated games. Nothing wrong with E-rated games, but is that their policy, only to release E-rated games?

You could say that the Wii hasn't been out long enough to release many games rated over E. Well its been about 7 months and well over a hundred VC releases. You would think that there could have been at least a T-rated game. Does this mean we will never see any of the T/M-rated games from the N64? There was actually quite a few. I would like to see Turok some day.

The Wii is supposed to be for everyone, not just kids. I don't like policies. In fact, I hate them. Especially when they limit what I'm allowed to see and play. I wouldn't mind seeing some online play. But Nintendo doesn't want me to get my butthole molested, which I appreciate, but I can protect myself. I'm not going to start talking about online play/friend codes. I'll be here all day.
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