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Signs of Gaming Addiction


Being addicted to a game is something that has happened to all gamers, some are just too shy to admit it. Addiction is a scary word, it means you live and breathe for whatever you're currently addicted, like tacos, collecting stuffed bears or Adam Sandler movies. That last one really makes me thankful I'm addicted to games, it's still bad though. So today we'll be identifying the signs that generally indicate gaming addiction. 

Sleep? Never Heard Of It. 

In my opinion sleeping is one of the most overrated activities in life, you're just laying there for 8 hours, 8 hours you could easily spend on Dark Souls 3 or if you have a big backlog, 3 hours for Dark Souls 3, another 3 for Alien Colonial Marines and 2 for Destiny (people still play that?). See what I just did there? This is usually the first sign of gaming addiction, when you decide to trade hours of your beauty sleep for more hours on any game. You close your eyes and all you see is yourself playing the game, what do you do? You get up, check under the bed for monsters, always check under the bed and go back to play Fallout 4. 

Sadly, if humans don't sleep they tend to shutdown during the day. So you’re at work or school trying your best to be an adult and all of the sudden your eyes just have a hard time trying to stay open, what happens next? Yeah, you're snoring in the office, never happened to me.  

You want to see a movie this Friday? Nah, I'm going to be sick that day. 

Friday is a glorious day, it means that the weekend has just begun and of course, you don't have responsibilities on Saturday, hopefully. What better way to spend a Friday night than with Resident Evil 6, or any other game. So you get home on Friday, take off your shoes, pet the dog and start gaming. Meanwhile your cellphone rings and rings as friends try to convince you to go out, what do you do? You come up with lame excuses to avoid going out. "Hey man you want go out for some drinks? I can't dude, my dog has yoga class." 

Unlike not sleeping, avoiding human contact can have severe consequences. If there's someone who enjoys your company, I don't think staying at home playing games is the best option, unless you don't like that particular human. But what do I know, I called in sick to work when Skyrim released, I regret nothing!  

Word Vomit! 

Gaming addiction can be like being in love, you wake up and your first thought is about that special game that won your heart. Next you try to have conversations with others but you seem to bring your new love up every chance you get. " Random human: So how about those airplane peanuts, huh, pretty bad, am I right? You: Yeah, Deathclaws can be pretty rough, just cripple their legs though." You even see clouds shaped in Overwatch heroes.

This one is pretty hard to move on from, just like breaking up with someone, only time can heal that wound. We have to be extra careful when thinking and living 24/7 for that game. As adults we have responsibilities, while working, please be extra careful when near dangerous machines, that's how people lose their pinky toes.  

In the end... 

Playing games is simply an amazing hobby, we have saved countless virtual worlds, farmed bosses for their loot and cried a lot with Telltale games, but never forget they're games, our friends and family aren't. They're people with emotions and needs, so don't forget about them, as much as you might want to go back to The Witcher 3, hang out with those special ones first. 

Remember you can always trade in sleep hours for gaming hours, just prepare yourself to look like a raccoon. Now if you'll excuse me, back to farming covenant items in Dark Souls 3.

Thank you for reading, kind human!

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