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Friday Night Fights: Enjoy Your Free Time Suckaz


Today marks the something-th annual GO SKATEBOARDING DAY. Yeah it's kinda a marketing ploy, might as well be the skateboarding world's premier hallmark holiday but I digress.

Guess who had to work all day? I did. Last year was the best, two new skateparks I've never been to before to skate. Escaping a hellstorm of rain and thunder. Then going home to gloat over the free shit I got - that hadn't suffered a mostly soaked death. It was amazing.

This year however, I've been stuck working all day, even though I was SUPPOSED to have off (Clerks ftw). Working is garbage even if you keeps it out of the garbage. I'm watching all these unemployed and rich suckaz enjoying the good weather and excuse to go out and skate meanwhile I'm stuck at the job.

Furthermore let me make it a point that if you enjoy driving (going for drives, road trips, etc.) don't become a for work driver. It saddens me like nothing else to have grown to dread one of my favorite activities. God this must be what porn stars feel like? Nah we have it worse! When they get fucked by their bosses, at least they are literally getting fucked by their bosses.

Anyway, games. No games for me bc no time. I've been cruising through fallout sidequests to level my character whenever I get a minute and that's pretty much about it. Oh and E3 happened, another annual thing I love that I missed..

-The Nanashiator

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