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get ready for Game Fuel, and other halo promotions

have you heard of some game called Halo 3? well in the next month or so everyone in the us will if microsoft has anything to do with it. starting in august a wave of promotion for halo 3 will hit you like lindsay hitting a curb while coked and boozed up. halo 3 will have be so heavily promoted i wouldnt be surprised if bush held a press conference about it.

item a. Game Fuel- a new mountain dew flavor inspired by halo 3, with 30percent moar caffine and a citrusy cherry flavor. sure to keep you up all night pwning noobs. 7-11 will carry special aluminum bottles of game fuel.

item 2- 7=11 will also carry 3 collector edition linticular slurpee cups. as well they will have special halo 3 packaged doritos with a sweepstakes to be a voice actor in halo wars.

item 3- pontiac will whore out halo 3 as well and among other things will do a promotion do coincide with the high performance g6 coming out soon.

item 4- burger king is on it's knees as well to the halos and will have halo 3 survival kits during september and october as well as halo 3 food packaging and sweepstakes and other such goodies.

item 5- projet revolution will whore out teh halos as well including sweepstakes to play halo 3 with such distinguished musical acts such as my chemical romance and linkin park.

item 6- xbox live will have launch week activities for all.

item 7- the game will come out at some point too,

more info and such can be found at http://www.xboxfamily.com/news%20stories/Halo_3/H3_360.htm
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