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Reading more about games than actually playing them?

You're not alone. More and more I find myself reading about video games and the industry than actually sitting down and playing. Why is this? Its not like I don't have an abundance of video games. I've got a 360, wii, DS and PSP. I have a number of games for them. Mostly VC and XBLA games for the consoles.

There are a ton of games that I actually bought but haven't sat down long enough to beat them. I find myself avoiding RPGs because of how long it takes to play through. Or not knowing where I left off if I take a break.

How many gamers are in this position? Have we lost our ways?

Sometimes I will turn my computer off just so I don't get distracted by it. Its not like I get distracted by TV. I almost never watch TV anymore. Sometimes Adult Swim and Comedy Central. But thats it. Well, I also spent three straight months watching the greatest TV show ever created ever ever-- The Sopranos. Watched them all back to back, except for the final episodes.

Maybe I'm overwhelmed by so many video games I don't know where to start. I feel like I have limited time to do things, so why bother playing a game thats going to take 20-50 hours to beat. I seem to stick more to quick fixes like some Geometry Wars or whatever. I love games that take forever to beat, but I just don't have the patients for them.

Oh yeah, not to mention I'll be in the army in about two months. But I don't think thats entirely it. Its been like this for a year.

Lets think... what could be causing this? Is it Destructoid? The internet? The news? The army? Jews? The La-li-lu-le-lo? Free streaming porn?

Shit, I've wasted so much time writing this damn blog. Somebody play me on XBL! I don't have any friends! I'm only a little annoying!

I don't care if you're male or female. Black or white. Asian or Caucasian, Jew or Gypsy, Sunni or Shiite, gay or straight. I just want to play some games with someone and not read about them or industry bullshit. My gamer tag is "savagesaladin". I have Ghost Recon plus chapter 2, DOA4, some XBLA games. Just ask which ones. Feel free to send me a message. But try to make it a little sexy...

I also have Pokemon Diamond if you want to battle or trade online. I haven't done that yet.

PM me if you want to play something.
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