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Our Zelda-Marathon 2016


For the past five years, a bunch of friends and I have sat down and played every The Legend of Zelda game released for Nintendo home consoles in 100 hours, give or take, once in a summer. It started small, with only two dozen viewers total, but slowly we gained more and more viewers and followers, eventually even donators (plz giv us all ur money). Last year the event exploded beyond our wildest dreams, so I reckon I want to let my dear fellow Dtoidians in on this jam.

If you just want to watch some Finns playing Zelda in a garage and talkin' funny, occasionally in broken English, all you need to do is follow us on TwitchFacebook or Twitter, so you'll get them fancy notifications when we're online. If you're one of those people who like to fill their Facebook event list, you can find our event page here. If you'd like to watch our best bits from last year's event, they're on our Youtube page. Ours is not the biggest Zelda stream around, or even the noblest (all our donations have gone towards improving the stream itself), but I like to think we have a certain kind of charm. We start the stream on Monday, June 27th, at 3 PM (GMT +3, so it's 5 AM on PDT and 8 AM on EDT. I think.), with the first game starting an hour later, with yours truly holding the 3DS.

Now then, that's all fine and dandy, but not quite C-Blog material, right? Maybe I'll just fill this space with random remarks about our history and affiliated figures.

The Fumble Beginnings

 Once upon a time, in the early 2012, a friend of mine called Sami asked me if I'd like to join him and his brother Simo and his cousin Anton in an endeavor to play all the Zelda games we had laying around. Being an avid Zelda fan, especially at the time, I jumped aboard the S.S. Lack of Sleep. Inspired by the stellar Zeldathon, he had the idea to stream this attempt for the whole wide world.

Sami playing with GC and Anton doing the same with the controller for the cool kids in 2012. Did I mention we play in a garage?

We didn't reach an audience, but that didn't bother us. We just wanted to play the games, while the whole streaming thing was more of an afterthought. We actually didn't even properly end the stream as a collective, instead opting for leaving Simo, the youngest of the bunch, play the last game alone while the rest of us left. A pretty shitty thing to do, in hindsight, but in our defense, we were young and it was Friday night.

Stream 2: Stream Harder

 The next summer, we were more prepared. We had the experience. We had better tech. We had a fridge. We had a bed so we could take naps on set. Honestly my memories are a bit fuzzy from that year. I do remember that people had enjoyed our stream well enough. We started to have friends and family drop by during the stream to say hi and maybe give the camera a smile. Some even made the effort to make us coffee and such. I also remember that we added a new player into the mix, Juho, a friend of Simo's.

The cast of 2013 sans me, left to right: Juho, Anton, Simo and Sami. I don't remember which game Anton was playing when this was taken, but that's his "this is not going well" -face.

 Stream 3: Revelations

 Our third summer doing this was pretty typical second sequel. We were pretty comfortable doing what we did. We added some games and goofed around, especially at the night. We added a couple of races, Simo and Juho doing Skyward Sword and Sami and Erno doing Zelda II. Oh, and we added a new player to bring some retro-flavor into the mix, Erno. This was also the first year we had a Highlight reel, which are a ton of work, by the way. It turns out that 100 hours of footage takes 100 hours to watch. Whoda thunk it?

Our setup with three Wiis gives a glimpse of our SS race. Sadly we didn't have two capture cards, so we could only show one game screen. Our experience and discipline ensured we had plenty of leg room, free from trashes and junk (no, we didn't. Anton had to be cleaning it up constantly). In the final image, just some basic Simoing around during the night.

 Here's the first part of our Highlight reel for the third stream. It's in Finnish, but hopefully the sounds of success, failure and wacky hijinks come across to you international folks. This is also your chance to see me (in the green cap) and Erno (the man in black playing Zelda II, because I have zero pics of us that year.

Sami (left) and Simo making it worthwhile to watch the stream in the middle of the night, while Anniina, our resident around-hanger, hangs around. There might be a fourth person in there, not sure.

Stre4m: The Nostalgic Cash-Grab.

Our event banner for last year by very talented Anton.

The last year was an amazing experience for all of us. We put work into our social media presence, and it showed. We got a mention in a local paper, we had bigger streamers than ourselves give us a mention. The chat was more active than than ever, encouraging us to be more active and interesting to watch. A win-win by all accounts. We're not huge by any means, but we're happy with the growth, and with the audience we've gathered.

A wacky hijink for our late night audience

Our one-minute send-off for last year's stream had the garage full of gamers and visitors (7:23). We still had a couple of hours of afterparty Smash Bros. even after this.

Zelda-marathon 2016

This banner image also by Anton

Hopefully this short recap of the past years has piqued your interest. As previously stated, we've used the donation money to expand the stream to 125 hours. We've got a brand new capture card'd 3DS for handheld games, we got a better mic, we got a better... something, I'm sure. I'm not the guy who's in charge of equipment. We're also adding yet another player into the mix, as Anniina, who's been in every stream since 2013 just hanging and giggling uncontrollably, will finally pick up a controller.

I wanted to share this with you, because Dtoid is something special, as you know. I've been around since 2013, and every year I've been thinking it'd be cool to see some of you making our stream that much better. Please keep in mind that the stream is still mainly in Finnish, but we're fluent in English, so just speak up in the chat and we'll change our tune accordingly.

Hope to see you in the chat room next week!

- Janne




WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ZELDA? - It's always on the flux, but usually Majora's Mask. Wind Waker's a close second.

OPINION ON BREATH OF THE WILD? Excited. Can't wait, but will wait to see if I should buy for Wii U or NX.

WHAT ZELDA GAME IS NEXT? It's XXX, please refer to the streaming schedule in the description.

DO YOU PLAY OTHER GAMES THAN ZELDA? Yes! We stream stuff every now and then. A while back Sami and I streamed some Earthbound, and a few days before that Sami and Anton streamed various Nintendo games.


WHAT ZELDA GAME IS NEXT? It's XXX, please refer to the str... Oh, for fuck's sake.



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