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Why I Started Doing Reviews and Making YouTube Content


Hello Everyone!


So this weekend I am off visiting family, so there will not be a review coming out this weekend. Need to take some time off from time to time for family! That being said I wanted to at least leave something to read in the meantime so I figured I would write about why I got into doing reviews. I am sure that this must sound odd coming from a guy who has only a couple followers and is relatively new to the biz as it were, but I wanted to level with everyone and show a bit of my personal side.

I have been playing games for as long as I remember. I was inagurated into gaming with the NES with games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario 3,  and I would play with my dad all the time. I will always have fond memories of going world to world, overcoming icy tundras, blazing deserts, and battling on flying battleships alongside my father. When I got a little bit older I moved on to the N64 and really started to find a passion in gaming. Mario 64, Starfox 64, Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie (suprise suprise)...game after game I would play taking in all of the magic and mystery of the worlds within the games. I was an only child who lived far outside of town, so to me these games were my outlet to exploring and excerising my imagination. As the years went on, consoles came and went, the gamecube, the wii, xbox 360 and my library of gmes expanded further an further. 

Soon enough I was on my way to college to study engineering, and by this point I was primarily playing PC games. It was quite a change compared to where I came from, living in a town of less than 1000 people to going to a college with over 40,000 students. I embraced this change however, and I soon came to find that I would be quickly be learning about all kinds of new things and places, especially on the internet...no not those kinds of things! My friends introduced me to imgur, reddit, twitter, and of course YouTube. During my sophmore year, I had a bout with Kidney stones and was in pain the majority of the time during recovery. To take my mind off of the pain I decided to pull up YouTube and search around for a bit. I was playing alot of minecraft at the time and ran into some of the early videos of the Yogscast. It wasn't long before I forgot all about the pain and just started having fun and laughing along side those guys. From then on YouTube became a big part of my life, and I would always be looking for new stuff.

 My sophmore year went by, then my Junior year, and I was facing my senior year of Aerospace Engineering. I had since added creators like Jesse Cox, Seananners, GameGrumps etc. to my weekly watch list, but the more and more I watched I started to think, "I think I would enjoy doing that stuff, why don't I give it a shot?". I had never given up gaming, the whole while I had been continuing to play games on my gaming PC I bought for myself during an internship (I custom built it myself) and was finding myself spending more and more time learning about games and conversing with friends about them. So, I bought myself a recording setup. Shure SM7b, check. Anechoic foam, check. Pre-amps and mic cords, check. At that point the only thing left was to start making content, but what to do? As mentioned earlier, I grew up as an only child and although in college I did have plenty of friends, engineering coursework would often keep us too busy to really sit down and share about the games we were playing. And there it was, reviews! I could do reviews as a way to explain my experience with the games I play to my friends and anyone else who might want to know how a game plays before trying it for themselves. As an added bonus, it served as a great way to start overcoming my shyness and become more outgoing, as I was essentially putting myself out there for the world to see, judge, and comment on.

I have now graduated Aerospace Engineering, but I still thouroughly enjoy reviewing games and making videos and want nothing more than to continue doing it and get better and better at it. I want to increase the quality of my content, go to conventions and interview game developers, and play as many games as I can. It has helped me become more outgoing in my personal life and I find it to be greatly theraputic to sit down and edit together videos and really let my imagination run wild. I hope those of you who have read this found it interesting, like I said I wanted to share with you why I do what I do. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue reading my reviews in the future and check out my YouTube content, just search BearInABackpack :P




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