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My brother scares me.

He and I owned an xbox, and not having internet at the time we never experienced xbox live. I never really gave a thought into it, as I was into RPGs and all around single-player experiences. But my brother always shed an imaginary tear at the thought that he was missing out on Halo 2 or Star Wars Battlefront 2. This could possibly be attributed to how he is now.

As soon as he bought his 360 and bought xbox live he exploded onto the online scene. It has gotten to the point where he swore-off single-player experiences and only plays online (no MMOs). He hasn't given Rainbow Six Vegas's single-player an attempt at all since he has bought it. He called Dead Rising stupid because it had no multiplayer. Now, since I am all sorts of awesome, I'm about to go "psychiatrist" and give my theory on why he is this way.

He was very social until 11th grade when he met his girlfriend. She barley had any friends, so naturally she drove all of my brother's friends away.


So there's my brother, over possessive girlfriend on one side, videogames on the other. When he plays online, he acts like another person. I think online play is a way to give him a sense of friendship and make up for the lack of friends in the real world. Evidence of this is the constant need to get on everyone's good side on xbox live, adding people on his friend's list at the very moment he joins the game without even interacting with them in any way, and the constant bragging that he does on how much more online "friends" he has than me, despite the fact that all of my friend's list is comprised of people I actually know in the real world (besides some of the people on Destructoid, of course).

He is getting better, though. Some Dennis the Menace-ing had made his GF less possessive, lowering her stupid-spoiled-whore rating by %60. And my brother is taking baby steps to recovery into the "real" world, adding actual friends on xbox live and has begun to put some Dead Rising in between Forza 2 and Vegas. Just know: If you know somebody who has no friends, do not give them xbox live.

** His Xbox live tag has been unpublished to conceal his identity**

:O YOU FOUND MY SECRETZ!!! OMG!Oh, and DHMO is bad. Electro Lemon rocks BTW.

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