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20 Pokémon out of 720 (actually pretty appropriate)


My relationship with Pokémon happened by accident; my parents were going to a wedding, I was going with them and needed something to not be bored out of my mind. Pokémon Blue came to the rescue, and I was so glad it did. From then on, I ended up playing most of the mainline games, with the exception of Emerald, Black/White 1 and 2, and never finishing HeartGold or buying the Ruby/Sapphire remakes. X actually somewhat revitalized my interest in the franchise, and was also one of the only games (along with Blue) where I basically knew next to nothing about what creatures were in the game – which personally made for a much better experience.

Now, since Luca Blight had a really good idea, it shall be stolen by me as well. I admit I thought that this would end up being a grasping-at-straws kind of situation – because I’m not fond of that many Pokémon. Or so I thought, because by going through the entire Pokédex I came upon 49 possible candidates for this list. Meaning more than half of them would live in the shame of not knowing what it is like to be part of such an impressive compilation of pocket monsters.

Just a little heads-up before getting into it: besides my top 6, the others will be alphabetically listed. This illustrious panel of creatures made its way onto this platform mostly due to my personal history with them and their design. Practically no competitive edge will be taken into consideration here.

And now, without further ado:


I couldn’t tell you if it’s because it has a snow mustache and snow chest hair, but I’m really fond of its design, with the Ice/Grass typing also making it pretty interesting. Then, in the midst of some really ‘over-designed’ Mega Evolutions, they managed to make Abomasnow even more badass than before! Well done Game Freak


While I did try to not know much about X and Y before they were released, there were a couple of Pokémon I was made aware of. One of them was this thing:

Seriously: look at this ugly dumbass! Boy, was I glad to find out it was exclusive to the Y version, which my brother got. I got a rather meh-looking shrimp, but it’s much better than that thi…

“Daaaayumn , that’s badass! Dragon *and* Poison? Where can I catch one? What? It evolves from the stupid ugly thing? Hey bro, how about you trade me that sickly, purple and brown seahorse for this shrimp? Yeah, I know I said it was awful but…why do I want it? No reason…”


From the initial three Eeveelutions, Vaporeon didn’t seem to be as popular as the other two. Jolteon is super cool and Flareon totally cute, but Vaporeon was actually more of my jam.

Then Espeon came to existence and Vaporeon had to take a backseat. Not only does it look really cool but it gives such a serene vibe that I want to have one around the house. To me, cats feel very therapeutic and I’m sure this one would work wonders, considering it’s also Psychic.


Speaking of therapeutic, how cute is Furret you ask? I don’t know why you would, just look at it - mega cute and fluffy! So cute in fact, that they simply had to make a minigame based on it for Pokémon Stadium 2.

And just think about this:

How amazing would it be to sleep cuddling with this humongous thing? The most amazing.


That some creatures have some dumb designs is nothing new. Among them, Roggenrola takes its own special cake, being a rock with a Mohawk, feet and a hole in the middle.

That cake must have incredible powers though, since if you manage to evolve it twice you get this imposing, dominant beast in Gigalith, which fills the Rock-type hole in my team.


I find this is a pretty interesting commentary on why knowing a starter’s full evolutionary line may be pretty important for your choice. After the first two generations, where I went with Charmander and Cyndaquil, my go-to type became Water, and I always chose the corresponding starter. Even though I didn’t play Black/White, I’d have gone with Oshawott.

But when the starters for X/Y were announced I was in a bind. My brother and I usually don’t choose the same starters and there’s not much fuss surrounding it, but this time it was different: despite my type preference, I wasn’t feeling it with Froakie, with Chespin looking more interesting. But, while I thought my brother’d be going with Fennekin, he actually intended to choose Chespin! Oh my, what to do?

Then I saw Greninja and was like “Yup, I’ll definitely take the frog”. And I was really glad to see it making it into Smash. I’m not very good with it, but I do enjoy playing as it.


This one seems to be very popular among the Destructoid community, so I’ll just say I’m totally a member of the Heracross fan club.


Krabby is a cute crab. It evolves into an awesome-looking crab with a giant claw that will wreck your shit.

It also goes:


‘Nuff said.


One of the most typical favorites you’ll find on my list as well as many others’. Besides looking all cool and stuff, it’s one of those Pokémon which have this “I will kill you all day, every day” look that does wonders for it. And certainly had nothing to do with its appearance here.

I also find it interesting how there manages to be a garbage Pokémon and someone thinking that an ice cream Pokémon is a good idea, and this is one that gets ‘gross’ in its name.


I seem to really like bats for some reason. Noivern is the Pokémon Batman would certainly choose as his companion. Which means it’s considerably kick-ass. But for as much as I find it an incredible creature, there’s really place in my heart for one bat, which’ll appear later on.


It’s a shed exoskeleton that had that much will to live and much awesome to give that it gained sentience and managed to look cooler than the bug that emerged from it.


Sure, it’s a skunk. It’s absurd how it uses its tail’s end on the top of its head to look menacing, of course.

But hey, I’m very fond of this guy. I could make an entire team consisting of Poison-type Pokémon and it sure wouldn’t be missing the only one that could flame all your asses with its own ass.


Furret is really cute, yes. It’s absurd how cute Cyndaquil, obviously. But Swinub is the king of cute.

And if for some unexplainable reason you don’t want to hug it and never let go, remember this: it lives in snow, it’s constantly shivering, it needs your warmth. NOW HUG IT!


I never really got to use a Xatu in the games, which is a shame because design-wise it is one of my favorites. The mix of Quetzal and totem poles is really unique and confers it mystique that works tremendously well, I find.


On to the one team to rule them all:


While it being an owl could be the end of discussion right here, let me just had a personal flavor to the mix.

One of the things which helped Noctowl’s popularity was the fact that Ash caught a shiny one in the anime, which also helped make it closer to the game mechanics. But do you know who caught one and was bragging to his friends about it before they ever saw Ash doing the same thing? Yup, this guy.


Finding Goomy for the first time was a surprise, even more knowing that it was a Dragon. While I’ll share people’s love for both it and Goodra, Sligoo took my heart because of this Pokédex description:

“It drives away opponents by excreting a sticky liquid that can dissolve anything. Its eyes devolved, so it can't see anything.”

Not everything turned out great with evolution. It wanted grow and that led to the loss of its eyes in the process. But look at that face. Look how happy it is. Sligoo is a life lesson for all of us: even if we have to deal with some stuff that could bring us down, it’s important to remember how to smile and keep trucking along.


While at first I wasn’t too keen on the idea of Slowbro just being a Slowpoke with a Shelder knock-off attached to its tail, I find the idea of the pain of the bite activating its brain and enhancing its psychic capabilities intriguing.

Then again, it’s the derpy face that makes it all work. I mean, the moment the Slowpoke 3DS theme was made available, I knew I had to get it. I tried changing it a couple of times since then, but that face man… priceless.

I should’ve bought that Slowbro I saw at Comic-Con that one time. Bummer


For a Pokémon that only comes with an attack which, while practical for travelling, doesn’t really help that much in battle, for the last few games whenever I get an Abra I just teach it Psychic and we go from there.

The perfect mix of cuteness (most used word in this blog post) with a no-fucks-given attitude.


Truth is, the whole evolutionary line should be a part of this list. But if I had to pick the slickest mofo capable of achieving both cuteness and badassery, Quilava is the way to go. I honestly almost didn’t want to evolve it my first time playing through Gold, since, to me, it was perfect in every aspect.

Cyndaquil and Typhlosion get a lot of (well-deserved) love, so it seems only fair to give Quilava as well.


Yeah, the Pokémon that made me actually look forward to catching a Zubat. True story: in Pokémon X, it took me about 20-something minutes to find one IN A CAVE.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Crobat’s special to me because it was my first Pokémon to evolve by friendship. While I didn’t have the same hate for Zubat others seemed to have, I just didn’t care much for it. But when playing through Gold, I began developing a bigger interest in Poison-type related strategies and Zubat was one of the first candidates. When, one day, it turned into a Crobat it was almost like a Magikarp to Gyarados situation – everything made sense, everything paid off.

During the course of every game I’ve played I must’ve owned like 4 Crobats, because I made a point to transfer the same one between versions.


Thanks for reading and keep being great!

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