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E3 Hopes: Playstation 4 Backwards Compatibility


Xbox has done a really good job with their backwards compatibility, it's so simple and they're constantly updating the list of games. All we have to do is either install a compatible game or insert the 360 disc, boom! You're done and ready to play with buddies or enjoy your single player game.

Sony on the other hand, is charging gamers for games they already own. Playstation Now is a subscription service that let's you stream hundreds of games, but you're limited to PS3 games only, if you're looking for PS2 games, well, you're going to have to wait. So this is the main problem, the only way to play your old games on your PS4 is by subscribing to the service or buying the game when it's available.

One month of PlayStation Now will set you back $19.99, or if you're really looking to play a very specific game, you can rent that game for a certain period, which I honestly don't recommend. One thing you should be careful about when subscribing to Now is your internet connection, if you're like me and have a brother that's constantly on Netflix, you're not going to have a good time.

I'm expecting Sony is working on backwards compatibility and they'll probably announce something during this E3, the rumors about a new PS4 have been extensive but they're only about a more beefier console. I'm quite surprised they released the PS4 without this feature. Recall that some PS3 models could run PS1 and PS2 games by simply inserting the disc.

Of course, Xbox compatibility hasn't been flawless, Halo: Reach for example, has terrible frame rate issues, lower resolution than the 360 version and some weird texture problems, but here's where we have to compare what both consoles offer. Would you rather subscribe to Now and stream the game or simply download the compatible game?

The silly thing on how Sony is managing backwards compatibility is that they're charging gamers for games they already own. They're solution requires you to pay some amount of money for a game just sitting there in your collection. I'm not starting any war here, I just want what's best for gamers and their pockets, my fingers are crossed for backwards compatibility during Sony's conference and let's hope they don't disappoint. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next blog.

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