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3 Xbox One Games You Should Try


Not every Xbox One game that releases gets the attention they deserve, some good games are just waiting for you to discover them. Today I give you 3 recommendations in case you didn't know what to try on your shiny Xbox One. 

The best game collection of all time, Rare Replay, 30 of Rare's finest retro games and some modern gems in one single disc, at only 30 bucks or even less now. Some awesome games you'll find here are: Conker's Bad Fur Day, The Original Perfect Dark, Battletoads and Banjo Kazooie, of course some of these games haven't aged that well, specially in the controls department, but they're still fun and well designed. There's a lot more and even pretty exciting local multiplayer games.

Sunset Overdrive is one of those games I can't understand why it didn't perform well, money wise, a game that mixes things up on how we usually play third person shooters, it's funny, charismatic and unique on it's premise, it's a game that should've gotten more attention from gamers and it's definitely worth your time. It's so incredibly cheap you can get the full game and season pass for less than $29.99. Such a shame for a truly great game.

My final recommendation is Ori and the Blind Forest, a challenging 2D platformer with great atmosphere and fantastic visuals. Don't let those cute and gorgeous graphics fool you though, this game is brutal with it's difficulty, once you play the tutorial, the game doesn't hesitate to test you skills at every turn. If you're old school and are looking for a game to challenge those good old platforming skills, look no more.

Those are my 3 recommendations for those who are looking for something new on their Xbox One. Did I miss any games? Let me know below, I'm Edwin Joe and I'll see you guys in the next blog!

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