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Not-So-Classy Moments in Gaming History: True Story


We all have our moments. Some of them are classy and some are just full of FAIL. This is true story about a very not-so-classy thing that happened to me. Word of warning: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

Back in the day, about 6 years ago or so, I was hardcore into XvT (X-Wing vs TIE Fighter). Given how much I played the game, I went through a helluva lot of joysticks! I literally had a joystick graveyard and went through at least 3 or 4 a year (insert sex joke here). One type of joystick I went through was the original Microsoft Force Feedback joystick. I never actually "broke" the joystick, but one of the design flaws of the early models was the AC adapter that plugged into the back of the joystick. It had force feedback, so it required power to play.

The AC adapter's connector was one of those little round things with a little pin in the middle, like cable wire for your tv. The problem was that the connector never stayed connected to the joystick so it was constantly falling out or I pretty much would have to hold onto it. All this reconnecting would bend the pin in the middle to the side, so it wouldn't plug in anymore.

One day it was really badly bent and I couldn't get it straightened, so I decided to use....MY TEETH. With the connector in my mouth, I started to straighten the pin...but then I felt something. My tongue felt like it was on fire and my teeth were vibrating! I had forgotten to unplug the AC adapter from the outlet and I was getting fried! It was a good thing that it was converting the electricity to a lower voltage, or I might have been killed. The good news: I had straightened the pin! Back to my gaming!

In hindsight, it was a really stupid move, but it's hilarious to me now. Please don't try this yourself; it is not fun. I may be embarrassing myself, but it's for the good of gaming, damn it! Anybody else have some not-so-classy gaming moments to share with the class?

PS, I'm on vacation for the next little while so this will be the last entry till then =)
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