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Games & Life: Life has Bonfires too!


Games are not only meant to entertain, they also teach us concepts or principles we can apply to our daily lives. Today's lesson is how Dark Souls sets up checkpoints, by bonfires. Yes, I do know that life doesn't exactly have checkpoints, if you die, well, that's about it, but that's not what I meant. Sometimes in life, we're afraid to try something new or different, because we're even more afraid of failing. 

Dark Souls is a challenging game, once you pick a class, you're immediately transported into a level. Most of us try to play cautiously because we don't know what to expect, we explore and investigate the area the most we can, but what's our main goal? Finding the next bonfire. Why? It's how we can safely move forward.  

This same principle applies to life, let's say you want to build your own restaurant, it's completely normal to be afraid, but that's your first step, imagine having the idea of creating a restaurant is like you picking a class, next up, you'll need to explore the most you can. You need to take any tools available and make the most out of them, until you reach the next bonfire. 

We know that seeing a fog wall in Dark Souls usually indicates a boss battle is behind it, yet we still go forward, completely blind of what's on the other side. Once we're through, we see the big boss, we're nervous but we slowly try to get a few hits in, doing our best to dodge and counter their moves. Even when we're at our best, the boss takes us out, then we're back at the last bonfire. We learn from that death and continue forward, challenging the boss again and again, each death is a learning experience, improving your skills and tactics. 

Now imagine you've successfully build your own restaurant, this is your new bonfire. Your next move is taking out the boss, in other words, bringing in customers. Your first tactics might not always work, but this doesn't mean you should give up, instead you should change your tactics, learn from that experience. You've already overcome so much to give up on your last bonfire.  

Just like beating Ornstein and Smough, the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment is amazing. Imagine that feeling of accomplishment when something that took you months to plan, finally works out. So don't be afraid to try something new, let your coworkers know you have ideas too, raise your hand when your teacher asks for the answer. Just like in Dark Souls, there's always a bonfire you can go back to and try again and again, until you succeed.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next blog. 

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