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Overwatch Review - A New Competitor


Before I start this review I have to emphasize this is a MULTIPLAYER GAME ONLY, there's no single player content, no thought provoking story and you always need to be connected to the game's server to play. Okay, let's dig in. 

Overwatch is a class based multiplayer, there's 21 heroes divided into 4 categories: offense, defense, tank and support. Offense are all about damage, defense are meant to protect the objective, tanks draw fire from teammates and support provides buffs and heals. Each character has their own weapons and abilities. Blizzard did a great job in making every hero unique, Tracer is the fastest character in the game, but she's quite weak. Reinhardt has a shield to push forward and protect those behind but his attacks are slow. I could go on, but this makes my point, every hero has their strengths and weaknesses, there's no overpowered character. 

The game also does a great job in promoting teamwork, while you pick a hero, the game will automatically determine your team's effectiveness. It will let you know what you’re team is missing, whether that be a support or the entire team not dishing out enough damage. So even if you're not using a mic, a group of randoms can coordinate to figure out the most effective team. Not only that, but certain character are built for teamwork, for example, Lucio gives a huge speed boost if teammates are close by, Mei can completely freeze enemies, leaving them vulnerable for offense heroes. If you're a lone wolf, just pay attention to your team.  

There's only 3 modes: control, assault and escort. They're all pretty straightforward, stay in the capture zone until you win. But don't worry, matches will fly by thanks to the game's fast pace, the only down time is while you're respawning and even then, it'll only take you a couple of seconds to get back in the game. The lack of modes may sound disheartening, but every match in Overwatch feels like a learning experience, you'll learn new strategies and tactics with your favorite heroes, you'll learn new counters against those pesky defense heroes, and considering the huge roster, it'll take you quite some time to master them all.  

Leveling up will grant you a loot box, you'll earn skins, color, logos and new voice lines for your characters from these boxes. It's not that rewarding comparing to other multiplayer games, this is also where micro transaction make their appearance. Don't worry these micro transactions do not affect gameplay in any way. 

On the Xbox One, the game runs like a charm. Solid frame rate, fast matchmaking and a very unique art style make Overwatch an immense pleasure to play. Now comes a very subjective part, the lasting appeal. This is a topic that depends on the gamer, if you're into competitive multiplayer games, I can assure you, this one will not disappoint. If that's not your style, Overwatch will be fun with your friends, but then again, what isn't? 

After 30 hours with the game, I'm still coming back for more. The combination of rewarding teamwork, fast paced matches and a balanced roster of heroes, makes Overwatch one of the best multiplayer experiences of 2016. 

Pros: Great Hero Variety, Fast Paced, Flawless Performance, Rewards Teamwork. 

Cons: No Progression Rewards, Lacks Modes.


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