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My Favorite Current Gen Soundtracks


Music and games go along very well, without epic soundtracks, boss fights and action sequences wouldn't be the same. So, today I'm bringing you my favorite current gen soundtracks, from title music to boss fights. Feel free to leave your favorite tunes down below. Let's begin with my favorite game of 2015, Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is packed with relentless boss battles, but Father Gascoigne's outshines every other one. It's the perfect score for the fast paced battle, imagine a beautiful dance between a hunter and a werewolf. As you deplete half his life bar, he transforms into a beast and the theme turns into a dramatic piece that fits perfectly with the nightmare vibe of the game.

If you have played any Uncharted game, you've probably heard this theme before. Simply titled, Nathan's theme, this beautiful score evokes nostalgia and excitement at the same time. Uncharted 4's composer, Henry Jackman takes this score and matures it in ways I couldn't believe possible. If there's ever an Uncharted movie this has to be the soundtrack for it.

Nintendo is no stranger when it comes to epic soundtracks, they usually find news way to make old beats sound fresh again. Super Mario 3D World has some really catchy tunes, but the game's title music just brings a smile to my face. It immediately takes me back to my childhood and the countless hours of playing Super Mario with my little brother.

Star Wars Battlefront is far from a perfect game, but if there's something DICE nailed, it's the game's presentation and with the help of composer Gordy Haab, the game's soundtrack fits perfectly with John William's masterpiece. I dare you to listen to Vader's Theme without quoting one of his many epic one liners. You can really feel the dark side taking over.

Last but definitely not least, Sword of Destiny, a theme from Geralt's latest adventure. It's a perfect tune that once you hear it, you have to go play the game again. The chorus pumps your blood for some monster hunting. I won't lie but I prolonged battles just to listen to this tune.

That's about it with my list, I hope you listened to some of these tunes and downloaded them as ringtones. Hey, I won't judge. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you on the next blog.

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