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Final Fantasy is Dead to Me


FFXVThe Final Fantasy franchise holds a very special place in my heart, especially so FFVII, since FFVII is the reason why I never committed suicide. When I was a child I really wanted to play the game ever since I first saw my father play it back in 1997. When I finally got to play the game I was so excited, I properly fell in love with the series and it was my very first video game. eventually leading to literally revolve my entire life around playing Final Fantasy games, for the longest it was all I could think about It kept me from killing myself, as the thought of missing out on the next installment horrified me. But now; now I am back to being a depressed mess of a person, while I wasn't particularly stable before, recent developments have really taken it's toll on me. At this point the only reason I keep on going is so that I can out live my mother, since I don't want to force her to go through the pain of loosing her only son. Pathetic I know, but that is where the cards have fallen. I am an extreme hikikomori, I only work so that my mother doesn't get onto me about my lifestyle and that fact my entire emotional balance is hinged on the Final Fantasy franchise.

I am a very unstable person, and i honestly doubt that thearapy will work on me since I feel that I am too far gone. I am only coming out with this becuase I wanted to make clear as to why I feel so stronhly about the franchise to begin with. To that end, I refuse to buy the new Final Fantasy and the "remake" of Final Fantasy VII. I might find something new to sink my passion into, I might not. There is a VERY long story as to how FFVII helped me from commiting suicide, but I really don't want to type it up. It is really long story since it spans over ten years, and during the darkest time of my childhood. So it's not something that I particularly want to delve into at any great legnth.

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