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Friday Night Fights: Uncharted Thoughts Edition



Just as I anticipated (yes, I get points for not starting a blog with "So") I bought uncharted when it launched and haven't even touched the singleplayer - Hell I haven't even gotten further than the "New Game/Load Game" screen. Instead I have been head dunking periodically into the multiplayer, again just as knew I would.

First of all it's incredibly crazy to me that this game is out. Not long ago a dear but sadly gone (no not passed) friend turned me on to this great game, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Alright, could be good. I said, willing to take a shot at something new. Looks kinda like Tomb Raider but different, it's a dude now that's cool. I loved every minute of it. The writing and characters resonated with me. And it just so happened the sequel released somewhere around this time, which quickly became my favorite game on the PStriple.

Then we got Uncharted 3. Which was a hot mess, give or take; certainly a step back from the previous game in every way but still relatively playable and enjoyable, if you ignored the story a bit. And because I didn't get much playtime on UC2's online, I delved into the third's. Hard. I was all about the online randoms/pvp with friends, Cooping for fun or with tryhard bastards, spending a lot of time in that community and even doing some low key competitive play with a real clan that I helped out with.

But then Naughty Dog took the axe to that community (over and over). Though it wasn't much of a surprise because their community managers/interaction was abysmal, it still sucked to watch that game die.

Thankfully, Uncharted 4 seems to come around a time when a lot of brainless chimps that ran the multiplayer portion of the game, who likely all just had dollar bill signs and flames in their eyes, are gone. Good, fucking, riddance. Now it seems -emphasis, STRONG emphasis there- like it'll be different this time around. Pay to get shit is still there, but that can all be earnable through in game xp. Maps will be FREE, instead of sold back to the gamers and partitioning the player pool. I almost want to thank these guys now, whereas before they were just stabbing me over and over.

Shit's changed. The online is drastically different too. In some ways it feels much closer to Uncharted 2's multiplayer (thank god) with the lack of sprinting, grenade throwbacks, etc. And yet it has a lot of funky bits in it too, like spawning sidekicks or the forces of pagan gods to do your killing. The revive system is probably now my biggest complaint. It just doesn't fit IMO, but whatever. If I just hold triangle it's like I'm being killed anyway. Still it makes the match results screen a jumbled mess to read..

I originally thought the djinn superman powerup mystical was going to be the hardest addition to get over, but really I don't see many people using it. So I guess it is okay.

All in all, thus far the game is a fantastic improvement from its predecessor in not only the online features but how the people behind this are handling it all. Which, I again would like to thank Naughty Dog for doing the right thing and making all maps and items free (Wow, I can't believe I just said that..). To date, I love it. Only real complaint I have is that there's no Coop, but I don't think they're going to leave us out on that one from a previous fan Q&A held over on the Playstation blog. I hope they don't forget about that mode which was beautiful across UC2 and UC3. It would double my play time with this game from 100 hours to 200 hours within the first few months without a doubt.

But also hey, if that's not gonna happen, at least I'll still have the story to fall back on. Which I will touch. Eventually..



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