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Doom Review - Glorious Return


Last year we got our first glimpse of gameplay of id's new Doom, most of us doubted that the final game would play as fluid as that demo would, but they did it. ID has brought Doom back, in all of it's glory!

Let's start with the story, a research facility on Mars found an old sarcophagus, inside is you, a Marine, as you wake up you notice that the entire facility is overrun by demons, soon you meet Samuel Hayden, a research android of sorts and VEGA, the facilities AI, they both guide you to stop Olivia Pierce, a scientist gone mad and as you probably guessed, she wants to open the portal to Hell. 

The plot never evolves from that premise, but how the story is presented never gets in the way of the action, or does it bore you when you're watching a cutscene. A very smart approach to storytelling in a game where story isn't the main focus. 

Gameplay in Doom is pure old school shooter, no health regeneration, no cover. Just shoot, pick up armor and always be on the move. Shoot enemies enough and they'll get staggered, letting you perform a glory kill, these special finishers drop health, and when things get crazy, these will be your number one source of health, and believe me, Doom's shootouts are intense, enemies come in all sizes and flavors, late game missions will throw all kinds of enemy combinations, always keeping you on your toes.

Your weapon arsenal is absolutely fantastic, smgs, shotguns, pistols and more, weapons usually come with an alternate fire mode, for example the smg can throw a stun ball or your shotgun can be burst fired.

Each weapon can be upgraded, not only that, your suit can also be upgraded and there's a new rune system which lets you pick 3 perks for a variety of play styles. Each weapon/suit upgrade has an immediate impact in your gameplay. You'll earn weapon upgrades by just playing the game, but you can also earn upgrades by exploring levels. Each level is packed with secrets, collectibles and alternate routes. Making you think twice before you exit a level, which, by the way, are cleverly designed.

Multiplayer offers the same fast paced shooting from the campaign, you can collect health, armor, power ups and special weapons. After some minutes into a match, a demon rune will spawn, letting you play as some of the game's demons from the campaign. Modes aren't different from other shooters, there's domination, TDM and others. The game has 9 maps, but they all blend in, since the action is so fast paced, you usually don't get the time to wander around.

From my time with the multiplayer, I didn't notice any lag or problems with matchmaking, my only concern is weapon balance, since most players use the rocket launcher, super shotgun combo.

Graphically Doom won't blow you away but it sure has style. Enemy design takes the spotlight here, since demons looks terrifying and grotesque. The action is well accompanied by an excellent soundtrack and great use of sound effects to increase your adrenaline.

During my 15 hours with the single player on Xbox One, I noticed frame rate issues, weird loading screens and a couple of times I would clip through objects, not game breaking but noticeable. 

ID software has managed to bring back a classic formula, Doom is fast paced and deliciously gory. Multiplayer, secrets, collectibles and higher difficulties will make Doom your go to shooter for months to come. Doom is back, baby!

Pros: Fast & Fluid Gameplay, Great Enemy Variety, Clever Level Design, Highly Replayable.

Cons: Multiplayer Balance, Couple of Glitches.

Score: 9.0 out of 10.

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