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2 Cent Tuesdays: Friday Game Franchise Resurrections Edition


Game franchises have always been a big part of the gaming industry; just look at games like Mega Man and you'll see that games can have more sequels than Freddy Krueger. There are some franchises that live on forever, and there are some that die off for just plain old stupid reasons.

I'd like to talk about some of the game franchises that I would like to see back. Don't complain if lots of them are PC games...for you young'ins out there, don't worry I'll be sure to throw in a few console classics to sooth you.

X-Wing Series

After basically pioneering the space combat genre in 1993 and maintaining it with titles all the way to X-Wing Alliance in 1999, the X-Wing series is one of the greats. The last game of the series, Alliance, had a really in-depth single player campaign but lacked in the amazing gameplay known for the series. I was actually a hardcore X-Wing vs TIE Fighter player for a number of years with a few clans. It was such a strong series and I would just love to see it back. Console titles like the Rogue Squadron series seem to have taken over the genre over the last few years, but hopefully we will see it return to the PC soon.

Monkey Island Series

Another old Lucasarts classic franchise, these games were amazing. Adventure games in general have fallen to the wayside over the years, but if any series is up for a revival, it's Monkey Island. Now lots of people will disagree with me, but I still personally think that the 3rd game, Curse of Monkey Island, was the best. It had amazing animation, well written and was funny as hell. The series kind of flopped for me on the 4th game when it went to 3D. Guybrush Threepwood should come back...and come back in 2D! Who doesn't love Murray the talking skull?

Pilot Wings Series

Ok, so there's only been two games in this series, so what? Also, the N64 Pilotwings "64" was not super amazing, but Pilotwings for the SNES was the best! It was the perfect combination of simulator and arcade like gameplay. The game was always a challenge but the goals were never overly complicated. It had one hell of a kickass soundtrack for the time; those Super-7 graphics were the shit's meow! I'd love to see a brand spankin new Pilotwings game on any console. Those pink gliders were sooo hot!

Donkey Kong Country Series

Now I know Donkey Kong has been in a whole whack of games since this series ended, but none of them have been anything special. Donkey Konga anyone?! In my mind, it all went horribly wrong with Donkey Kong 64. It wasn't a terrible game by any stretch but it wasn't anywhere as pivotal as the Country series was. I'd like to see the series make a comeback as a sidescroller...maybe even on the DS perhaps or on Xbox Live Arcade.

Duke Nukem series

Whether you were a fan of the original sidescroller series or the 3D games, Duke Nukem has an alien pig-infested place in all of our hearts. Ok, so Duke Nukem Forever is taking...Forever, who cares? Even if you don't like this game, you will probably buy it just to be part of history. Maybe I'll buy a copy for every year it was supposed to be released. I don't even care if they release a game box with nothing inside...maybe I'll build a shrine, who knows!

I'm done ranting on about what game franchises I would like to see back. You may hate my picks...I don't blame you, I have weird tastes. What game franchises do you want to see back? Do you think they would be successful again? Join me next Tuesday..err Friday or whenever I feel like writing this segment again.
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