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Fun New Ways To Experience Warhammer 40K With Dawn of War 3


Drawing from the experience gained in producing other winning RTS title, Relic announces the fun ways that players can individualize their Warhammer 40K experience with Dawn of War 3!

*Pre-order to get campaign and multiplayer access to awesome Vanguard Veteran Squads!
*Buy the season pass to be the first one to experience the array of wondrous DLC we will be releasing!
*Players will be able to individualize their experience by choosing what to buy: Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar Saim-Hann, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Black Templars and more are available as individual DLCs!
*Treat yourself to wonderful packages that will provide you with more Commander Challenge Missions!
*"Glory of the Imperial Guard" is but the first of our planned non-linnear campaign add-ons*
*In-game purchases open roads to a variety of new options
*Buy and collect powerful commanders that let you field your forces in new ways: Captain of the First Company will let you wield the might of Terminators while Drop Commander will let you access Guard Drop Troops in both "Glory of the Imperial Guard" campaign and multiplayer. 
*Selectable and collectable TACTICA cards will inlfuence your forces in a variety of ways - give a 3% increase in your Assault Squad's melee DPS to really put the hurt on the enemies of the Imperium!


...that about covers our experience with Company of Heroes 2, I think. The thing is, I have zero faith in Relic and SEGA not to turn Dawn of War 3 into a Company of Heroes 2-like not-so-micropayment madness. When Dawn of War 1 got expansions, it got quality stuff: the promised faction-hopping DoW3 campaign is going to be a pale shadow of Winter Assault's campaign at best, and Winter Assault - which brough a new faction, a campaign that played with most factions, and new units for all - was the smallest add-on DoW 1 ever got. Dark Crusade, which introduced the RISK-style open-ended, non linnear campaign also brough two factions and even more units into the fray. Sure, it was never as fun or as deep as the single player campaign in Dawn of War 1 (the in-engine cutscenes of which were never surpassed in the series' history), but you got plenty bang for you buck. Even Soulstorm, horrible as it was, was full of content.

I do not want to buy my game in penny-packets.

The game itself looks like it's going to be a charlie-foxtrot, too. Dawn of War 1 had amazing graphics at the time, it was amazingly detailed and optimized to a stupefying degree. The in-engine cutscenes looked great and the kill animations were masterful. DoW3 are sacrificing it all. Quoth PC Gamer "In aid of this, some close detail has been sacrificed so Dawn of War 3 can shine in large-scale encounters, and Relic's artists have taken more inspiration from the colourful paint jobs of the tabletop game." It already looks like an iPad game in the teeny-tiny screenshots. I see units standing out in the open and blasting at each other like this was Dawn of War 1 or Starcraft or any other RTS game that learned nothing from Company of Heroes' infantry went to to ground and sought cover on their own inniative, making for a more immersive experience, because hey, my guys are acting like they're actual soldiers that I'm commanding.

And then they talk about simplifying cover and gimmicky, arcade-y stuff for Imperial knights. I'm sure collectable, level-up-able elite units will not make your line troops irrelevant through DoW2 like powers. The game will definitely not turn into herohammer, no! I have no bigger joy than reading how Marines are super-special troops available in small numbers, and then watching Tactical Marines blown to bits like so much chaff. It's even more fun when you consider that by fluff, Marines and Eldar are both factions that really aren't suited for attrition warfare.

Can't wait to experience a myriad of visually impressive, powerful hot-keyed special abilities that make a mockery out of regular battle and line units, either!

Simplifying cover, visuals and game mechanics leads to one of my greatest fears that grew out of Company of Heroes 2: Dawn of War 3 will look very much like a game. Company of Heroes 2, with it's big, bright icons, massive shot effects and many other visual decisions just leave this taste of playing a World War 2 game instead of playing/fighting World War 2. It's probably a strange bit of criticism to make, but it was one of the things that ruined the game for me. 

I also hate how units got gibbed in Dawn of War 2 instead of having fun death animations and leaving corpses, but we have to help the engine show the EPIC SLAUGHTER, I guess. 

Super units don't do anything for me, either. I won't want to buy Imperial Knight, Wraithknights or Gorkanauts more than I do now, they will be simulataniously a bitch to deal with and underwhelming when you're controlling them. Not impressed by the way they turned Marine Orbital Bombardments into a CnC General guidable laser beam kill sat, either. A guidable laser that gets stronger the more units it kills? That's something that comes from super arcade-y game with trash mob units running around. 

On the other hand, who cares? As the popularity of Apocalypse mod amply demonstrates, the fans think that bigger = better, even when it turns the game into a grindfest that makes Somme look restrained. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on!



*Imperial Guard DLC MUST be bought separately to enjoy the faction in multiplayer and skirmish

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