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Broken bones for the love of the 'toid.

On the advice of Nex ive decided that this story should be shared to the community (despite my immense embarrassment)

On my daily ventures to and from work upon my bicycle i usually listen to a variety of podcasts in between album/songs. The Podtoid, when theres a new one available, would always be my first choice, particularly for it witty insight into gaming life/news and the craziest mash up of hate-crimes and cockjokes! (Its like they read my mind and made a podcast about it Huzzah!)

But one morning a couple of weeks back i ventured out once again to work with Podtoid (24 to be specific) on my iPod when i heard "Internet Fuckbag Matlocks"...Now im not sure why, because looking back now its pretty funny, but when i heard this on my bike i just say a Andy Griffith head with a bag of shit being thrown at his head and i taught it was the funniest thing ive ever seen. The resulting fit of laughter caused me to lose, nay, toss away all sense of control of the mode of transport resulting in being thrown from the bike at full speed and making the sweet embrace of the asphalt all too real. While on the ground full knowing ive broken at least one limb i was still laughing my dumb-ass off, still seeing Andy Griffith shit stained visage!

Later i went to the nearby Accident and Emergency dept and following a birage of x-rays,painkillers and grading nurses on hotness as i wait i found out that i broke my proximal radius and cracked my proximal ulna bone, while also tearing Collateral ligaments at the joint also.

Looking back it was pretty awesome, i got 3weeks off work (Paid too Negroid!) and got to catch up on sooooo many games/dvd/ brews with friends! Props to the 'toid, you nutsmokers rule!

Heres the money shots, still bruised 3 weeks on!:
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