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the revolution will not be happening on the psp

civilization revolution is not coming to psp. if anyone care. don't get me wrong i own a psp, i wasn't always a sony hater but they made me the way i am. does anyone even play psp games? it seems most of the psp community is into mostly homebrew and until reacently when homebrew was enabled for ALL psp users mine almost never got touched now it gets used for emulators and psONE games once i get a new CFW that doesn't wipe out the configuration menu so i can switch kernels. so my main question here is, does it matter much when games get delayed or production gets dropped for the psp?

there are 2 main reasons why it's not coming to the psp. 1 there aren't enough people to make it. they are working on the ps3, 360, DS(spring/summer 2008), and the wii version (which is pushed back to autumn 2008). understandable, that is alot of work going on to fill 4 different systems with it's own strengths and weaknesses. but here is the real kicker, reason number 2 is.....they would need to "farm it out" whatever this means and lack of resources. now if it can out it on the ds, which is a lower powered machine than what the psp is why is it so difficult to do on the psp platform as well? or does the lack of resources translate to lack of people that will play it. i would figure a psp version would be more a priority than a ds unless they want to look at the market stand point which is DS has a larger user base.

source: http://www.pspfanboy.com/2007/07/18/civilization-revolution-not-coming-to-psp-due-to-lack-of-resour/#comments
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