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Dtoid Bloggers, listen up...

An amazing concept has dawned upon you, gamer friend. Or maybe a news tidbit you just heard through the grapevine has tingled your Spidey Sense. What to do, what to do? "Oh yea! I'll post it on the Dtoid Clogs (aka Community Blogs), what a grand idea."

Hold on a second, Mr. Matlock... Before you attempt to flood the existing vast ocean that is the Clogs, you might want to consider a couple points. The majority of the Dtoid Community feel that the blogs have been infested. Heaping, intoxicating portions of Copypasta and filler ranting (maybe to you, this here post) is the word. To avoid such bannable offenses and future flame wars, I suggest the following options. Take heed:

a) FORUMS - "Look, I made a picture." Look, there's a forum thread for that and plenty of people will still see it and respond. Old forum threads get revived on a daily basis, don't worry. "My girlfriend thinks I'm annoying." I think that one's for the Social Lounge. In the forums. A lot of Clog posts are time-sensitive, they're posted at that specific moment for a reason. When you push quality stuff down, they die. Less people read them. Boooo. Small talk and lack of originality and thought is more suitable for the forums, keep it out of Clogs.

b) DAILY POSTS - I haven't seen much use of this option. If you really need to dish out that Copypasta or mention something with little or no significance to Dtoid, why not combine all of those gems into one daily post. I prefer my food poisoning all at once and not in incremental doses. Wow, amazing. Do it.

c) TIPS - Stop trying to be the next big Dtoid Deep Throat. You've already submitted the tip, the editors make good and on-the-fly decisions about what is front page worthy or who should be credited for breaking information. You will never be Joe Burling, tehuberone or Namelessted, that is simply unpossible.

c) OTHER BLOGS - IGN, 1UP and other gaming sites/communities have blogs more suitable for your content. Dtoid is about originality and not sucking, let's keep it that way.

d) GET YOUR OWN INTERNETS - Godaddy.com, less than $45 a year to grab a domain name and to host your blog. That's less than 13 cents a day (imagine a Sally Struthers sad panda face). You have it all to yourself and you make Dtoid less sucky, yaaayyy.

e) DON'T SUCK - Please. Thank you.

I know I sound like a dick right now or perhaps I'm coming on too strong. You can do whatever the hell you want, it's a free internets and Dtoid welcomes anyone who wants to be a part of this amazing community. But these points are common topics among fellow members that put a lot of love and time into Dtoid.

Yea, I know it's just a Beta. Enhanced friend, points and group systems are well on their way (you go, Niero). For a while now, I've considered writing this post. I've held back thinking positively about the posts improving with time. Unfortunately, I've grown very weary of reading the fruits of boredom and attention whoring.

Let the CHOCOLATE RAIN wash your suck away.
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