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Friday Night Fights - A Star Fox Perspective


This friday the first true star fox game in 11 years comes out. As a lifelong Star Fox fan I am every so slightly hyped. But 11 years is a long time, so let's see what has happened since then both for me and in the world.

  • Graduated from both high school and college and found a job in my field with a few years of squalor in between
  • Been through three cars
  • Been through eight different jobs
  • Lived in 9 different houses/apartments
  • Two major Smash Bros. releases have happened including the addition and removal of my favorite Star Fox character Wolf O'Donnel
  • A full generation of gaming and two half gens
  • The entire Assasin's Creed lineage
  • 11 Major Call of Duty games
  • The Swine Flu Outbreak
  • In a similar situation Destructoid was created
  • The economic recession
  • A terrible Star Wars saga came to a close only to be reborn with a new promising trilogy
  • the Mountain Goats have released 7 studio albums
  • Ben Folds completely obliterated any respect I had for him by putting out Lonely Avenue

And through it all the droning cog of our corporate overlords over us has turned perpetually. I really can't put it into words how excited I am for this new game, Star Fox 64 was the first game I ever beat and it holds a dear place in my heart. It is also a point of torture because as you can see there are long stretches between many of their games.

Oh online play? Yeah screw that the Dark Souls (1) servers have been down ever since I got into it and there is no online play for Star Fox Zero so you guys are on your own.

-Amna Umen

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