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more Resident Evil: Extinction pics. desire to see fading..fading....gone


translates to: i are be international poster to craptastic movie

I've always been a huge fan of resident evil since back in the day. i borrowed my friends second disk to RE2 the day it came out while he played the first, since then it's been a beautiful orgy of zombies , blood guts, and late night swearing as i figure out WTF is going on. hell i saw the movies right as they came out; saw the first one the day after it came out since the theatre closed the day it came out cuz someone got stabbed and got a job while i was there. saw the second movie the day it came out, while not stellar movies or the best movies ever they were still ok, and in some cases added good filler to the resident evil franchise, while other parts made you wanna punch the creators. now we move on the the third installment of the series, extinction, how ironic that the title of the movie is where we all want the movie series to go to.

"do you know who i am? yeah, neither do i"

i don't know what the creators were smoking when they thought "lets put this in the desert" but i want some. there more pictures that are released make me less likely to see it, it doesn't make sense. now i know resident evil 4 wasn't raccoon city and it was awesome, but i never considered it a true resident evil game no zombies little to no umbrella it just doesn't feel right. now back to the movie, roaming through the desert to escape the oncoming zombie infestation menace... yeah... cuz theres so much water and food to keep you alive in the desert, makes sense. at least dying by the teeth of a zombie is quick and depending on where they get you seemingly painless.

yes mayne, carlos and hilarious token black guy are still alive.

but this movie looks more and more like it makes no sense, the fabled chewbaca defense of johnny cochran is more thought provoking than what this movie is heading twords.

srrrr-sly guys, WTF is wit the leather jacket and gloves in the desert? srsly

but yeah, after the disappointmenets of 1,2, and what is known of 3 is anyone thinking of seeing this? knowing my geek side i imagine i'll break down and see it but not happily. other than being happy knowing it's the last one.
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