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Some useful browser extensions


Hi! If you’re anything like me, well, I’m sorry. That said, I spend a lot of time browsing the internet, and a lot of websites are horrible. Browser extensions are little add-ons that can make them less horrible. Here are some I’ve found to be quite useful. I use Google Chrome because it’s equally good in Mac and Windows and it syncs seamlessly between them; if some or all of these extensions aren’t available for your browser of choice, maybe you made the wrong choice.

Floating Youtube and Looper For Youtube

You know Youtube, right? That site what has videos in it. You can find all kinds of stuff on there, but let’s face it, most of it is a waste of time. You can change that today, and I’m going to tell you how. What? Stop watching trash? No. No, no, what you do is download Floating Youtube. This tool makes a pop up, resizeable, always-on-top borderless window with the video you are watching in it, so you can glance at it while doing more productive stuff.

Another great add-on for video-watching is Looper for Youtube, which is pretty self-explanatory. You can loop entire videos, or if you want to go insane just small portions of them. Be your own video DJ, get weird with it, listen to a 10 second snippet of music or movie dialogue for an entire afternoon.

Enhanced Steam

Steam is a broken, messy piece of software. Just yesterday it got confused and thought it needed to update hundreds of old games at the same time. Hell, the program itself asks you to update it almost every day. It’s like a very needy, annoying cat. Cats are supposed to do their own thing, go catch a mouse or something, I already gave you food, I have important human matters to tend to. Anyway, it’s better to browse Steam on an actual browser, and use the client to launch games and little else.
It’s even better with this extension, Enhanced Steam, which modifies the website to add up-to-date information (performance, number of players, and most importantly, price) sourced from an array of helpful websites, like SteamSpy and IsThereAnyDeal. For example, the Steam Store page for any game will show things like the historical lowest price and current lowest price accross all storefronts. It’s great.

Fair Adblock

Ads are annoying. I wish they didn’t exist, but the fact is, they are the main reason the internet has so much quality content available for free. Well, that and piracy. Fair Adblock is like the regular adblock but it supposedly only blocks obtrusive ads and lets the nice ones through. I’m not sure how effective it is at the latter, but it sure makes me feel better about myself.


With so many websites out there putting out content for free, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. This is why many websites go for easily identifiable logos, mascots (hey Dtoid), or in the worst of cases, flashy, obtrusive web design. This can be fine for those that specialize in illustration or short-form content, but when you have to read something for a while, it can be extremely off-putting. Most of the time it isn’t that bad, but just having a distracting background or type slightly too small can make me less patient when reading.

Readability gets rid of all the fluff and just gives you a light gray background with the text and images on it. You can change the font to whatever suits your eyes best. You can also save articles to read them later. I know the new Safari has a similar function, but Safari is slow as fuck and fullscreen video crashes even on Apple computers. It’s a mess.


1Password is an extension that remembers your passwords for all websites. That way, you only have to remember one password, the one to access the app. It even generates super-safe passwords for each site, though you have to change them manually on the respective sites for it to take effect. I don’t know how hackable it is, but it sure is handy. I would recommend it for all those internet accounts that don’t contain vital information. It’s certainly much safer than using the same easy to remember password on all sites.

Honourable mentions

Font Changer does just that, for when a website is just unreadable
Awesome Screenshot lets you take screenshots of any section of a website and upload them immediately, shortening the process significantly.
Drumpfinator substitutes every instance of the word “Trump” for “Drumpf”, the original family name.

- imho

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