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Hearthstone, Going in the right direction ?


Short Answer - Yes, most definetly.

Hearthstone has decided a while back to go into the form of "standard" and "wild" which is new way of seperating new and existing expansions into catergories, Standard being the past 2 expansions, while Wild has everything in. This is used currently in Magic the Gathering, which i personally play. And its the best way of changing things up.

What this means within the game, Blizzard have mostly complete control on the Meta, if it is too face heavy, releasing an expansion more on control decks would be in consideration to hopefully change the meta. Also it allows every class to shine in different times of "expansion rotation" Currently Paladin, Warrior and Priest see the most play with Mage shortly behind them. 

The competitive scene will now be even stronger, this allows new ladder options, Standard Open which currently everyone is in. And Wild Open, where more veterans like to compete for insane combo decks. This would be similar to "Modern/Legacy" in Magic the Gathering.

Do i support this ? Short Answer - 100%

This keeps the game fresh and meta shifts random, and fun. Also in a company point of view, Blizzard have a way to constantly develop this game through future purchases of expansions.

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